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Guest tina g

i saw an article (Latitudes) where sidney baker MD said about the spectrum: "The underlying difficulties represent a well-defined genetic problem that has to do with the genes that code for immune function that are found on chromosme number six. . . I think it is clear that in a certain sense autism is a severe expression of difficulty paying attention, so to speak. Someone hearing those words would have to undertsnd the background from which they are spoken. There is a way of trivializing this concept, abut I don't mean it in a trical sense. There is a deep connection."


He also said that there is a consensus among DAN physicians that "there is a landscape of disorders in which autims represents one mountain peak. If you'll accept the metaphor, nearby is the more typical child ADHD but a very high shoulder connects these peaks. In other words these are not differentproblems so much as different expressions of common underlying difficulties."


that all makes sense to me. does it to you? as for ODD i would follow the same treatment approach since research suggests nutrit. deficits in some of these kids too.


am reluctant to group all this with LD since there are so many different types but think there must be some overlap there also. does this fit with what you have found?

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