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Co-infections or past infections

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My Lyme doctor tested me for Lyme and various other infetions, through LabCorp. I tested positive for Lyme (IgM), as well as multiple infections including Mycoplasma, EBV, Parvovirus, HHV6, etc. When I took this lab test to a mainstream infectous disease doctor, he explained that these "positives" did not indicate a current infection, rather that they were IgG antibodies, which meant that my immune system had, at one time, enountered these bugs and that this result indicated past infections (as opposed to IgM, which would indicate an acute infection).


My Lyme doctor wants to start treating me for these "infections", but I would like to know what's up before I begin.


Can any of you shed any light on this?





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I agree with Pandas16. Unfortunately, you can seek out several docs, and get several different opinions. And of course, there was a study once, that if you test for a certain number of things, you will find something. The trick is to determine if any of these flags coincide with any symptoms you have, and if treatment is helpful.


In the end, I think you need to go with what makes sense. Do you have the symptoms of these illnesses? Is the risk of treatment, worth the possible benefit. And does treatment help....


Good luck!

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