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For me the symptoms started less than a year ago but the problem itself wasn't recognized until it became very pronounced a few months ago.. My blood pressure is HORRIBLE & only getting worse! The first really low reading was on May 3rd, when my LLMD's nurse recorded it at 95/70. She brushed it off, saying that I was pretty tiny at 5'3" & 100 pounds but I was quick to point out that I've always been this tiny & in the past my blood pressure has been one of the few things that I could count on to be normal. At my appointment on the 8th the same nurse got pretty frustrated when after four tries she couldn't find any blood pressure. Finally, she measured it at 85/60. A few weeks ago a dental hygenist couldn't find my blood pressure after six tries so she assumed she had a bum cuff & didn't revisit the issue.


My LLMD assured me that hypotension wasn't necessarily a negative development unless I ws experiencing symptoms from it & I wasted no time pointing out that I most definitely DID feel like I was about to black out every time I stood up! He prescribed another two months of Adrecor, but that I've been taking that the whole time my blood pressure has been dropping from q perfect 120/80 to a pitiful 85/60 so I don't have much faith in it. He also provided me with a sample of IsoCort just in case the AdreCor proved to be ineffective once again & told me to see an endocrinologist when/if it got even lower. Has anyone else experienced problems with this?? I've come to terms With being sick, I just wish it would stay the same "sick"! Stop tacking new stuff on! Agh!

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My blood pressure has been in that lower range like yours for several years. Most doc offices find it interesting when they measure it, but when they hear it that this is what it normally is for me, it seems the case is closed and it is not that interesting anymore. I have occasionally felt light-headed and dizzy upon standing, but not as much recently.


Since hearing in May at the Dr. Klinghardt seminar that people with MS and people with lyme (and likely those with myriad of other neurological disorders) all seem to have CCSVI, a blockage of veins in the neck causing their neurological symptoms, I have focused on doing what I can to eliminate that blockage and getting measure to see if I actually have it as well. During that time, I have experienced enormous relief in neurological symptoms. I have not had my b.p. measured yet, but I had been wondering if the b.p. would change if that aspect of things were cleared up. I am still working on getting the tests done for CCSVI (doppler done last Friday, MRI scheduled for this Friday, wait for appointment with doc who can read these tests goes on and on, as they have a long wait list).


I really am just speculating that the b.p. has something to do with CCSVI, but it makes a lot of sense to me that it would have some effect. These veins return blood from the brain to the heart, and as the blood gets trapped, in means you have low-oxygen blood trapped in the brain, leading to neuro symptoms, and it can increase the pressure in that area.

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