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Hello all!


If you have been to see Dr. Bransfield, could you pm me about your experience. Whatever you could include would be helpful. Our boy is back in the hospital again. We have a great young psychiatrist who is on board with us--wish we weren't half-way across the US from Dr. B. Our son has been a case! Thanks! Dawn

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We have not sen him but he was highly recommended to us by Dr. J. Read his articles and one is impressed. I hear nothing but great things about him. We just happened to improve before we got to him. Considering all you have been through, it could only be beneficial.


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Bumping this up. My LLMD has told me today he has contacted him and they will be doing a conference call soon due to the fact that my LLMD has suddenly taken on several PANDAS patients. He also believes there is a strong connection between Lyme and PANDAS due to the cases he has seen. I hope something comes of this!!!

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