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Chlorine sensitivity may = latex allergy

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Something interesting I stumbled upon recently. We just got a dog last week (7 month old solid black Aussiedoodle that is the cutest thing ever!), and I went thru a few very nervewracking days of thinking ds(7) might be allergic (face rash, arm rash, coughing, slight wheezing)...symptoms would occur mostly outside & clear up after a bath. Hmmmm...not how you'd think a dog allergy would behave & a skin prick allergy test a few years ago showed no reaction to dog. I put on my detective cap, which I rarely ever even bother to take off & traced it to the tennis balls we were using to throw for the dog. (Had remembered a previous reaction to the tennis balls a few weeks earlier that I'd missed thinking it was just a seasonal allergy thing.) I figured he had a slight latex allergy/sensitivity (which I knew he had a previous reaction to poinsettias that are part of that same family). He's not reacted to latex gloves, bandages, rubberbands or anything obvious tho'...I mean come on...why would it be easy to figure out something affecting a PANDAS kid?!


Anyway...here's what I found on a web site that made me think of past topics of conversation regarding PANDAS kids having issues at pools: "Note: Some latex-allergic individuals may react to chlorine and/or latex proteins released from swimsuits and pool items due to chlorine." Seriously...CHLORINE issues could be a latex allergy. Very interesting, eh? I found that statement on this web site under "sports equipment": http://www.latexallergyresources.org/topics/consumerProducts.cfm. Earlier this summer, we went to the pool & the chlorine was strong & put ds in a MOOD that evening despite an immediate bath when we got home.


Thought I'd share this random idea to make more wheels turn in the PANDAS Parents Universe that we all share.

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Very interesting, my non- pandas daughter has a mild latex allergy (she also reacts to bananas and kiwi wich are related to latex allergies too). Her face always gets red and splotchy when she swims ( she's a fish!!) . It doesn't bother her, we just thought maybe she was sensitive, but this would make more sense!

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