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back with more auditory program questions

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okay -- so we're moving forward with tutor on some sort of vague, nebulous plan. not vague b/c of tutor -- b/c ds was a dream in the eval -- fully cooperated, didn't ask 'what' or need repeating once, a little distractable but easily pulled back, hardly displayed any shyness or anxiety, no real signs of deficits, no more phased than the rest of us with volunteer fire horn going off, answered questions with a wrong answer (which he never does - usually gets very quiet if isn't 100% sure he's right). of course, everyone knows this one-on-one behavior is different from a classroom full of other kids and social settings with kids.


i'm comfortable with tutor that he is respectful of suggesting programs etc with a big price tag b/c he is unsure if they will provide what we need so he is aware to be cautious with our $. also, i think he's respectful that he's learning about pandas and attempting to see where he may be helpful. he is certified in a number of different programs and special ed so we are going to design some flexible program. i am also using this as a time for this tutor to get to know ds to become a member of our team for when ds is in school next year to be someone who can help work with teachers and others as someone who speaks their language.


so -- for those that have used auditory programs, can you tell me what specific behaviors you think were helped by the auditory programs? thanks!

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