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EU relaxes control on 'gender' chemicals


By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor

Published: 28 August 2005





Penis Size and Phthalates - DrGreene.com

Pediatric expert Dr. Alan Greene discusses phthalates, a chemical widley using in many plastic products and how they can impact the size of a penis.

www.drgreene.com/21_1917.html - 101k - Aug 27, 2005



Our Stolen Future: Phthalates tied to genital deformities in boys

Boys exposed to multiple phthalates simultaneously were also more likely to have ... Boys with lower AGIs had smaller penis volumes and were more likely to ...

www.ourstolenfuture.org/NewScience/oncompounds/phthalates/2005/2005-0527swanetal.htm - 38k - Aug 27, 2005

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Health Agency Tightens Rules Governing Federal Scientists. After accusations that some government scientists used their official positions for private gain, the National Institutes of Health announced rules on Thursday that ban its scientists from consulting for drug companies. New York Times. 26 August 2005. [Registration Required]



Director of NIH Agrees To Loosen Ethics Rules.


Flooded with 1,300 comments by employees and threats of high-level defections, the head of the National Institutes of Health agreed yesterday to loosen some of the ethics rules he unveiled in February. Washington Post. 26 August 2005. [Registration Required]


NIH Eases Up on Ethics Rules for Researchers. After six months of review, the National Institutes of Health has decided to leave in place its ban against agency scientists taking consulting fees from drug companies but will not require the scientists to sell all of their industry stock holdings, officials announced Thursday. Los Angeles Times, California. 26 August 2005. [Registration Required]


For full article


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Autism Crisis Brings Together Top Scientists and Clinicians to Share

Recent Findings at National Symposium; Participants Issue Urgent Call

to Increase Funding, Attention to Autism Epidemic


8/31/2005 3:16:00 PM





The Coalition for SafeMinds stands for Sensible Action For Ending

Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders. SafeMinds supports research

on the potential harmful effects of mercury and thimerosal. Its

mission is to end the health and personal devastations caused by the

needless use of mercury, especially mercury in medicines.



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At the very highest level of exposure, almost every one of the neurodevelopmental disorders -- autism, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, sleep disorders, tics, stammering -- had elevated relative risks on the order of 4 to 8 times, and the vast majority of those risks were statistically significant.



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Several months ago, I saw an ad for "Glutamag" and inquired about, but it hadn't been approved by the FDA. I just got an update:

"the FDA has finally approved sales of Glutamag in the USA and we are happy to

inform you that you can now order Glutamag from our distributor in New York.

You can either buy Glutamag by going to:


or by calling WBUY Television's order line, toll free on: 1-800-643-9289"


Do you know anything about this particular compound or can you/somebody comment on it generically? The following is a quote from the URL:


"Glutamag™ is a life changing product by Natucor that consists of natural nutrients, essential to assist the human body in its natural functions.


The three main ingredients of Glutamag™ are: L-Glutamine, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) and Magnesium which we will tell you more about now. L-Glutamine and Pyridoxine is naturally transformed by the body to provide Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) which provides energy to the body and promotes healthy bodily functions. While Magnesium plays an important role in various other ways in the body it also helps the body to utilize the Pyridoxine in Glutamag™. Glutamag™ has also proven very effective in people suffering from ADHD and ADD, when used as a dietary supplement.


Now you might want to ask yourself, "how is this information relevant to me?", "are there things I could accomplish if I had better health and more energy?", "how would my life be better if I enjoyed the benefits of Glutamag™?", "Would I look and act differently?" or "What would my friends and family think of the new me?" Well here is how Glutamag™ works:

L-Glutamine is an amino acid (a protein building block) which is important along with glucose in supplying the brain with energy. Scientific studies have shown that glutamine supplementation can minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue and improve protein metabolism. It has also been used to increase mental alertness, to nutritionally boost the nervous system, and to treat depression and fatigue. L-Glutamine has proven very effective in people suffering from arthritis, fibrosis, connective tissue disease, peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, impotence and HIV. People suffering from alcohol abuse withdrawal as well as quitting smokers have benefited from this supplement.


GABA on the other hand also has a great number of positive effects on the nervous system. It is actually classified as a neurotransmitter, which means it helps nerve impulses cross the synapses (gaps) and provide improved neuron transmission. For this reason, people suffering from depression, ADD and ADHD has seen remarkable improvements in their conditions after using Glutamag™. GABA also serves as a stimulant in the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is nature’s anti-aging agent and plays an important role in sustaining the body’s youthfulness.


Now that you know what the combined effects of these nutrients in Glutamag™ are, here is how using Glutamag™ can change your life:


Reduces Anxiety, Frustration and Stress and promotes an overall feeling of well-being

Improves Neurological functions in the body and eradicate toxins from the brain

Improves Concentration Ability especially in people suffering from ADD or ADHD

Promotes Relaxation and Sleep

Combats aging through stimulating production of HGH

Is a Natural Anti-Depressant

Improves Memory Capability

Builds Muscle and Decreases Body Fat

Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Combats Chronic Pain

Alleviates mood-swings and reduces PMS symptoms

Diminishes tobacco cravings in Smokers

Strengthen nails and hair

Decreases the craving for Sweets and Sugar


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I had never heard of the product before, however, the vitamins my boys take have B6 and L-Glutathione (not sure how that differs from L-Glutamine) and magnesium. I didn't see the amount of each ingredient on the site, do you know? I guess that would be the interesting thing. If the dose was acceptable, anything that can be given in combination, to reduce the amount of supplements that have to be swallowed, would be nice. Also, I'm wondering about the type of magnesium. It seems like Mag. Taurate has a reputation of being a pretty absorbable form, again that is the type in the vits. my guys take. I'm not sure they need all of the other things in the vit though, so thanks for posting this, and if you find out more info. I'd like to hear it.








Rate of ibuprofen-related asthma a concern in kids

Fri Sep 2, 2005 7:35 PM BST





Research article


Tourette syndrome and learning disabilities

Larry Burd , Roger D. Freeman , Marilyn G. Klug and Jacob Kerbeshian


BMC Pediatrics 2005, 5:34 doi:10.1186/1471-2431-5-34


Published 1 September 2005

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by Evelyn Pringle

_http://www.opednews.com_ (http://www.opednews.com/)


FDA Knew Dangers Of Thimerosal-Vaccines For 60 Years


Had to edit this post because I became aware that this was from a site with a strict copyright message attached.


I could not find the article when I followed the link. I will try to get permission to post.

Edited by kim
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I got thinking about your post about Glutamag. The statement about the FDA finally approving sales, is quite puzzling (am I missing something here)? I went to the Natucor website and they don't make reference to anything like that. I see where there is an email address to get more information on the product.


I think I would be careful, especially with the the WBUY Television site. As others have pointed out to me, just because something is said to be natural, doesn't mean you can automatically believe that it is safe and effective, and not potentially a rip off. Finding the most reputable products and distributors, in my opinion, is really important.




I was trying to find something to justify the FDA approval statement.

Now it's clear as mud :P



FDA Overview

Dietary Supplements, Infant Formulas, Cosmetics


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Re Glutamag:


Here's some results from a web search:


* Positive result:



* Looks like same person posting:



* Same here, too (different name, same post content; hmmm....)



* Looks like a weight-loss alternative:



A number of other in various foreign languages.


No FDA approval info, tho. Ehhhhhhh, what's up doc? : (

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The same person in those posts can be found on the testimonial page of the Natucor website. B6, Magnesium and L Glutamine are all easy to obtain.


I guess I would check one of the more well known sites, like Kirkman, to see if you could find a similiar product.



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