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calling all tic experts

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ds7 is doing quite well currently. with onset, i said he did not have any tics or movements. i saw eye blinking once for about 2 seconds. through the past 2.5 years and my education in pandasology, i have thought that he does actually have some movement issues. they are not jerky movements and are not so much involuntary as unconscious. he never has any muscle pain, etc from it. they do not seem to be tied to any ritual or obsession. per a video on tics vs. compulsions, it's more movements of an 'autistic' realm to comfort or make things 'right', like a stim (not so familiar with the intricacies of that word, thiknk i'm using it correctly). it's hasn't been anything that interfers with his life or ours -- until now. it does not inhibit him from doing anything. to someone unfamiliar, you'd just think it was something he was doing in the realm of being a young boy -- if noticed at all.


since spring, he's been doing a pitching motion. i think it's a combo tic- young boy thing. it likley began with baseball season - he's in machine pitch but brother was first year in kid pitch and there was much talk, focus on pitching -- and has turned into something of a disorder nature. it's troublesome now b/c he does it often, close to other people. i think there are some triggers such as being in crowded places, where he does it close to random people. a few weeks ago, he was on a new anti-viral, was having a herx-like reaction and it was very troublesome. he has calmed from that herx, however, this movement is still here. i guess maybe there is a flip side -- the other night we were at a professional game and there was a pitching machine and he could actually pitch beautifully with good accuracy.:P


with other tics -- mostly mouth noises -- i haven't given much attention b/c i have thought of this as just an indicator of his health. that's what i had been thinking of with this also. now, i am second-guessing and wondering if i need to be thinking of this as something else. it's not anything i would seek medication for. i am still confident in our treatment plan, so would not use this to make extreme changes. but, i am wondering if i should be giving this more weight than i am.


any thoughts or suggestions? thanks.

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my only thought is to take some video for yourself, in case you need to show/prove "tics" if you are seeking treatment like IVIG, or to show a doctor in the future.


Some of my son's tics were what you describe - almost normal behavior - and some were obviously tics. Sometimes one turns into the other. they also try to disguise tics in normal movements.


Its kinda funny with baseball. My son is a few years older than yours so its probably more noticeable in our age group, but if there is a group that is riddled with odd movements, ritualistic behaviors, and tics, it is baseball players! They almost all have these little things they need to do before they hit, or pitch or get set in the field, so they feel "just right".


I hope it subsides soon - they are annoying, and can be bothersome if extreme, and for us seem to "hang on" longer than other symptoms after an exacerbation.

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