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great end to baseball season

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just wanted to share and say thanks. . . ds9 just ended a great baseball season for him tonight. he pitched the last 2 innings and kept the lead -- allowing only 2 runs, getting a few strike outs and pulling off a good defensive play.


he had troublesome pandas symptoms in the fall -- getting up to pee at night, separation anxiety, 'bad thoughts' at night, knee and ankle pain, often stomach pains, high strep titers. late dec, diagnosed with strep, all TBI (well, the major ones discussed here), a few other viruses. did well initially with treatment. tanked in feb/march due to what i now think was mostly a bad reaction to a probiotic. this was the same time baseball practice started and he was having poor attention and cooperation, intense reactions to slight injuries, anxiety at coaches correcting him, poor endurance and shortness of breath with exertion. we weren't sure he was going to be able to play the season at all -- he loves baseball and this would have been very sad. this year is a step up into more serious play, but coach was helpful and supportive . ds said he wanted to be a part of the team as bat boy, which he did for first game. then spent a month or so in the outfield and last on batting line up. as his health was improving, he faced one game that 3 big fears occurred - getting hit with a pitch, had to steal a base, and faced a former teammate who is a great pitcher. last 6 weeks or so have been great -- he's back to being an aggressive player and stepped up to try pitching with great results.


thanks to all for help and support when he (and I) were struggling in the spring! still having some trouble with overreactions and dissappointments but hopeful we're on the right track.

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What an awesome way to end the season! So happy for him.


Several of the things you describe sound like what my son11 is going through right now. Baseball has been a real struggle for him this year as has pretty much everything. Questionable symptoms have been slowly growing over the last two years but with puberty also on the horizon it is hard to know if I should hit the panic button or chalk it up to growing up. Last week he spent the night at a friends house where is stays often. At 11:30 pm we heard the garage door open and in he walked. He told us that he had this strong feeling that he just needed to come home and was crying. SO-needless to say I've hit that panic button and hopefully on Monday the new LLMD will order the WB for him.

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This is so great to hear! May your son have ever-increasing better health. My ds13 was a star soccer player when all his health issues started and just a few months ago started doing some goaly practice with me (and 1 friend) which is sooooo good to see, even though I come home covered with bruises! :lol: This was the first time in over a year!

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