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BCBS covered last year's IVIG!

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Just wanted to report that last night my husband found out that we are being reimbursed for our out of pocket expense of my son's IVIG treatment from March 2010. He went up the chain of command and they told him to write a "letter of reconsideration". I wrote one out, describing why my boys needed IVIG and why they needed out phone consults covered. As far as pandas, I just basically described how my boys are incapacitated by it, etc. We were not able to show any immune deficiency or CVID. They covered it strictly on pandas.


Has anyone else had this happen? Maybe they made a mistake? Or maybe they felt that since we were so persistant that they wanted to get us off their backs - LOL! Sometimes I think I would pay my husband $4000 to "back off"! LOL!

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Our BCBS has paid both time for my dd ivig with Dr.k

but only for that,they dont pay for him as the Doc

because he is out of network,but some money is way better than none

for sure.

all the rest we us on our taxes,hotel,food,flight tickets and rental car.

Hope all is going good for your son.


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WOW! That's great. Ours paid, but only because it was ID, and I still had to show how it was affecting them. Even then, we had to go to a 3rd appeal, and then I caught them doing something they shouldn't have been doing (in the denial)...I can't and won't go into detail, and they finally paid (they also knew I had consulted with an atty, who was thrilled that we might be able to go for "multimillion dollar" lawsuit, because of what they had done.


I am thrilled for you. If it was a mistake, don't say anything more...just let it go.

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