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Dr. Jones legal battles?

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Dr. J is a wonderful, caring doctor. Nicest I ever met! He doesn't focus on any detox though. Last month we took my daughter for a follow up visit with him. On the way we hit a major traffic jam causing us to be late. We stopped for my daughter to go to the bathroom and her small stuffy fell out of the car. We realized 15 minutes later and had to return to get it. My daughter has a SEVERE fear of losing things. She was having panic attacks and very close to vomiting. It was not an option for us not to go get it. Fortunately, the toy was still there. This made us even later for the appt. We had the last appt. slot on a Saturday. Dr. J and some of his workers stayed late to see my daughter. One worker had to catch a later train. They were not upset at all. When I told Dr. J of the incident, he told me that I made the right decision in going back to retrieve it. Our appt. was still longer than the time I had paid for. No rushing at all.


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