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Dr. Jones Motel or Hotel?

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Premiere hotel & suites has an outside pool. It's 10 minutes from his office. Each room has its own kitchen and there's a complimentary breakfast daily. We stayed there once. More recently, we just stay at the hotel (doubletree) we use when seeing Dr. B. It's another 30-45 minutes further from the doubletree to Dr J (from 95 NJ).

Good luck with your appt.!

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I now use Priceline for my hotel stays up there (seeing Dr. B.) and also almost anywhere. I have gotten as low as $55.00/night for a 3 1/2 star hotel in downtown Stamford!!!


I always bid for a room. Just keep in mind that you are allowed 1 bid per person per day for a specific option. That means if you have 2 adults going (as the person who's name is on the reservation has to be actually staying at the hotel), and you start by bidding on a 3 1/2 star hotel in a certain area (say Norwalk, for instance), you have 2 tries per day for that (because of the 2 people.) Then, if you don't get the amount you want, you can go back and bid again on a different area or a different start level (say 3 stars.) That just bought you a total of 4 possible bids per day for a 3 1/2 star, 3 star, one location, or another location.


Typically, if they don't accept your bid, they may come back with an alternate bid (they might come back saying, that they can't do it for that price, but they think they can get it for $80, for instance.) You have to decide if you want to take the higher amount, or rebid. You can always bid again the next day, so I typically start about 1 week early.


Oh, here's another thing. I don't know how many of you are going to be there, but a "typical" room for Priceline is considered for 2 people (up to 4 can stay there,but you need to be aware of this.) After getting the hotel room (you don't get to choose which hotel, just the star level and the location), you call the hotel directly, and ask for what you want in the room (2 doubles, 1 king, a rollaway, refrig, etc.) But, there are hotels in the area (including the Doubletree) that cannot give you a rollaway in a double room...only a king room.


Once you've got your room, if you decide you like what you got, you can add on as many days as you booked to either the beginning of the end of the trip, but you cannot add rooms (you would have to rebid, and possibly get a different hotel for just the new bid.


It's really very easy, and there's only been one time I haven't gotten my bid, but I was offered an additional amount.


Keep in mind, that once you have accepted the bid (without knowing which hotel), your credit card willl be charged, and there is no getting out of the reservation. So, be sure that you are definitely going.

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There's a really nice Marriott a few blocks away right across from Yale campus. The Doubletree in Norwalk where Dr. B has a rate for his patients, "we care rate of $84, is nice but I would say it's a little to far to drive unless flying in and out of Laguardia or White Plains Airport.

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