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Gave Probiotics make her wild

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I agree with tampicc. You may also need to try a few different brands to see what works best for your daughter. If you don't see any change on a lower amount of the Custom P in a few days...try another. We like Florastor and Culturelle from the drugstore. They come in capsule or packets (kids version) and can be mixed in juice, applesauce or taken plain.

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It's also been mentioned that some kids cannot tolerate probiotics in pill form and instead get it through things like probiotic yogurt (not "regular" yogurt, but probiotic yogurt) and Kefir.


Also, some probiotics need to be spaced out from antibiotics by 2-3 hours.

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Thanks for the advice. It is interesting because I was up all night last night. I felt like I was on speed. I had no coffee, so I could not figure it out, and then this morning I remembered that I took one of her probiotics. We are a sensitive bunch. The funny thing is that she is having a wonderfuld day 2day. Seems like the stuff really helps her, althoug stimulating. I will go s....l.....o....w

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