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Hi--I am usually on the pandas board, but have been poking around a bit on both boards for quite awhile. We were set to have ivig in 2 weeks, but we recently got results back (igenex) that might indicate a co-infection. We are in northeast OH and need an llmd. Several months ago, I looked into the llmd website, but I would really appreciate a recommendation from someone who has been to a doctor. We will, of course, travel if we need to. Thanks!

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Hi, you and I spoke on the phone back in March - we are also from Northeast Ohio as you probably remember from our conversation. I would like others on this forum to continue to offer recommendations as far as doctors go as I feel that traveling is in your best interest and I would like you to hear a variety of choices.


But I feel like not many people or doctors in NE Ohio know anything about Chronic LYme. When I get a chance I will send you resources that I know in NE Ohio that will help you support the LLMD that you travel to.


I try to pm or email you soon.


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