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the doctor starting my child on the bactrim for a week b4 starting the biaxin, since my child typically gets so agressive on meds.

i see the bactrim helping with sleep a teeny bit, but ocd is still fierce. do you think i will see this get better once the biaxin is brought on board?

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I am not familiar with these abx either as we have not used them. But I do know my dd8 worries about getting old and dying and I think it is worse when she is herxing. She has not been doing it lately at all. Good luck. Hang in there.



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My kids did have increase in the frequency of OCD "something bad" thoughts on these meds. However, they were not as strong as in past, just more frequent. It did last a few months. Now things seem to have gotten quieter. We go back to doc next week so we'll see what he thinks. Hang in there!! I keep telling myself it's just a season of life - it's not forever! Katherine

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