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Carnosine, the miracle remedy (at least for me)

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Hi Kim


the zinc/carnosine chelated blends that are so helpful for ulcers contain a very low dose of carnosine, much lower than is being recommended for tic reduction


Very expensive too, but nonetheless effective in ulcer treatment, by healing and restoring the GIT lining. When the ulcer is as a result of the H pylori bacterium, MASTIC GUM is recommended as an addition as it actively eliminates the bacteria

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Thanks Chemar!


There's something new to learn everyday.


As my oldest sons head shaking flaire was on it's way out, he was sitting next to me, and he was sort of pushing his shoulder or knee against me. I could just feel that deep pressure impulse, although there were no tics visible. I thought how annoying that must be for him. I suspect carnosine may be good for him. I don't worry about the taurine or zinc issue with him, as much as I would my younger son, so it's something I'm trying to learn as much as possible about.

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