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:wacko: My daughter is trying Bonnie's vitamins and her chronic head nod and eye blink are getting worse instead of better. We have not even reached 1/2 of the recommended dosage. We do have an appointment with a Dr. in August, but she wanted to try and see if the vitamins helped before school started. I have read in the forum where sometimes things get worse before they get better. Do you think that is it, or should we discontinue. I hate to do something that makes it worse!! I don't know what to do for her in the morning. Thanks, Susanmom
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hi. Sorry to hear about the chronic head and eye tic that your daughter is affected by. With us, the supplements never made anything worse before it got better. The supplements always made things better to a degree or for a period of time. The things that made things worse before it got better was chelating and I have heard from people killing the excessive yeast in the gut caused a temporary reaction in thier kids as well. WE do not use Bonnnie vitamins for our son has delayed food allergies to some of the ingredients. Off hand I do not remember what they are since it is over 2 years since I have looked at the product. We buy supplements individually in capsule form and usually most of them end up mixed in shakes.

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Hi Susan


some people use Bonnie's supps and see immediate improvement. Others get worse before they get better, and for some, they just cant seem to tolerate them!


The general feeling from those who dont tolerate them is that something in the ingredients...either the inert or active ones, is "setting them off"


I firmly believe that with supplements , just as with medications, there isnt always a "one pill fits all" as there are so many variables to consider...the persons potential allergies, their unique metabolism and, most importantly, their INDIVIDUAL supplement needs....some people just dont need all that is in a single supp like the TS-Plus.


That is one of the reasons why we had testing done and supplemented only with what the physicians felt my son actually needed. Bonnie's program is really excellent, and her research helped us to formulate our son's plan at a time when she hadnt yet produced her own range,..... but, based on his test results, he would not have been able to handle the high Bs in her supps, especially the folic acid and niacin, and certainly not the fish oil one either.


It is generally felt that the "trial" period for a supp is TWO weeks. if your child still isnt responding well to it after that, then it may be best to consider adding individual supplements under physician guidance.

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I saw similiar results when I started my 12 year old on Bonnies vit. He was hyper, to the pount where he was telling me he felt hyper, and hyper is not good for tics. We had worked our way up to 16. His weight required the full 20 vits. Then he got sick, and didn't take the vits for about 4 or 5 days. When we introduced them again, we only went up to 12 and the teeth grinding and body aches he would experience in the mornings were gone so we reduced to 10 and still had good results and we have stayed there, at 1/2 the recommended dose.

If the folic acid is a problem, which I suspect he is high histimine/undermethylated, and according to Dr. Walsh from Pfeiffer, folic acid should be avoided, maybe at the reduced amount, it is not quite as big of a problem as it may be at the higher dose. We too will have some testing in August. Maybe you could cut back or just stay where you're at for a little while and see if things improve. My younger son experienced the same thing with vit B. It made him hyper to begin with. He now takes Bonnies vits. at less than 1/2 the recommended dose (5 per day) and he is about 80lbs. He didn't have any increase in tics or hyperness but we went really slow with Bonnies vits, where when I gave him straight vit B. it was probably a little too much to quick.

Here is a link to an article by Dr. Walsh that might give you some info. if you haven't read it yet http://www.alternativementalhealth.com/articles/walsh.htm

I totally agree that testing and supplementing with only what's deficient is the best way to go, but when I ordered these vitamins I wasn't aware of many of the things I am now, and they have helped tremendously!


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