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NIMH clinical trial ... will need a spinal :(

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My DD6 is being considered for the NIMH clinical trial.


Everything was sounding ok until they told me about the spinal. That part is just totally freaking me out!

I don't know anyone who has a child that has had one. I just can't imagine my daughter lying still, and getting it done.


We would love to be able to participate...I'm ok with the travel and everything else, but not sure if I can get on board with a spinal.


Does anyone have any experience with this, or have children that have had it done?


Also, does anyone know the risks/side effects?



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I had a spinal tap done before but I was 18. I did have to stay still laying on my side maybe with my legs pulled up in a fetal position. Someone would definitely help her stay still.And there was pressure when they actually did it. As for the risks, that's something I would discuss with the doctors. I think any procedure has some risks. Hopefully, some of the other parents who have participated in the study will contact you with their personal experience. I did hear from one mom whose child participated and she said everyone there was very nice.

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My son just had a spinal done last Tuesday. It was done at a childrens hospital and he was sedated, and did not seem to feel it at all. It was very quick. They gave him meds in his iv, he got real still and layed back and they layed him on his side, took the fluid and then put a band aid over the small prick. He never complained of it hurting him, and within 2 hrs he was up walking around like nothing happened. I was hesitant as well, but if I had to do it again I would. Not bad at all!

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Our son had a spinal tap as part of his treatment, too. He was partially sedated ("twilight sleep"), really didn't feel it, and was perfectly still. He isn't one to freak out over needles, though. Point is, they can make them really tolerable for the children and I don't think you have much to worry about.


The only risk I can remember was some minor nerve damage, but it's very rare. I'm sure whoever administers it will have the proper experience.

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