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Hi Everyone,


Just had a question I thought I would throw out. Firstly, I am happy to report my son is doing amazing again - we continue to have minor bumps here and there and it is more behavioural shifts we notice - the tics are either non existent or subtle (when sick) The last few weeks he did have an increase in a nose twitch and looking down at his nose at the same time, it really bothered him and it is really one of the first times he complained about his habits, "I hate this" "why do I have to have these dumb habits" etc etc. After a few days my husband wondered if it could be allergies and asked him if his nose itched - he said it did, we started allergy medication at night and the twitch was 80% better the next day, over the next 5-7 days it has pretty much disappeared.

My question tonight is that the last few nights he has started to complain about seeing spots - purple/whitish/goldish and tiny and hundreds of them, he sees them more in the dark and sees them when his eyes are open and shut. We went to the eye doctor who did an emergency exam and his vision is perfect and nothing seemed abnormal, he asked me to keep a log and go back in 2 weeks. My husband and I have been asking him about the spots, and any time we ask him if they are there he stops what he is doing and focuses more with his eyes then says yes - it is not an immediate yes but like he has to check first. He says this has been going on for weeks, months and sometimes he even says since JK. We are wondering if he is just becoming hyper sensitive to visual stimulas. Sort of the way he was hyper sensitive at one time to tags etc. If you do close your eyes tight and cover them with a hand and focus there do seem to be purplish tiny spots.

We did start him on L-Taurine a month or so ago, about 300mg a day. I am hoping this is not contributing to the problem.


Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Allison;


I am not sure about spots, but I do get flicks of light from time to time and I was told that it is a blood pressure thing. Did the eye doc have any thoughts? Tonight I'll look up in my vitamin bible about side effects and seeing spots and let you know.


Be Well;



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If you go to the site and move the slide bar to the right of the messages down about 1/2 of an inch, you will see "Also regarding floaters" It is right below a pretty long string of messages titled Re: Salt/C....Wow.

Don't know if this has any connection to what is going on with your son, but might be worth a look.



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Have a question on the "spots/floaters". I have had these for some time and was only just told I have Type 2 Onset Diabetes and of course high blood pressure. I have been able to reduce blood pressure thru exercise -- and diet. The sugar count has gone to a more normal range. But these spots/threads still remain.


Any ideas out there? I have regular eye exams every year. My age is 57---any thoughts?



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ad_ccl -- There is a condition called "ocular migraine" (I have it! : ( that sounds very similar. There are numerous references on the web by that name. They are sometimes called "ocular auras". For a graphic you can ask your son about, see http://www.eyeguys.net/ocularmigraine.html. Headache is not necessarily associated with it. It can "wax and wane".


Francois -- "Floaters" (I have these, too! : ( do not necessarily go away, get worse or turn into glaucoma or cataracts; they are fairly common. So far the most damage they have caused is that I have hit my fingers on somethings while swatting what I thought were flies or gnats! I don't mean to understate the possible medical significance, just note that they can be and apparently usually are fairly benign.


I don't know that either of these conditions has anything to do with TS or diabetes, although I have heard several opinions associating ocular migraine with TS.

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