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I have a 6yr old boy who was diagnosed with Aspergers 18 months ago; he has finally been seen by an educational psychologist who now suspects Attention Deficit Disorder as well and possible Dyslexia. I have been searching websites for any information on combined disorders.


The type of info I am looking for is how Asp and ADD may interact with each other. I can find them separately everywhere but nothing on them together, apart from another thread on here. I am quite despondent at the moment because I feel that the effects of both conditions are working against each other.


He has no interest in education and learning (except for personal interests) yet is quite with it through life experience alone and to the extent that you would not know when first meeting him. This to me says he has a great capacity to learn but it has taken 2 full school years for him to write his name properly.


All I want is for him to reach his full learning potential, I feel he is more than capable of doing this. Yet no one seems to be able to find a way in.


Hope someone can help.

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