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An update and a thank you!

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I just want to thank everyone that endlessly sticks by me through this ######!!!! This was the WORST week of the last 12 years. I had school threatening to call the state on me, I had my girl that was at her worst EVER. Doctors whom I thought "got" what was going on....started to question my reporting on my girls symptoms. It goes on... and on....

I really thought I was going to crash. Fighting for my child and then fighting the rest of the world also, gets to be a lot at times. The only time I get relief is when I can vent and say whatever is on my mind on this board. I totally sound like a lunatic at times, but for some reason I don't care at this point in my life. Anyway.....today is a pretty ok day. I am kind of excited. I feel like there is hope.

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