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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

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Hi Everyone,


May is Lyme awareness month. Several moms have agreed to have their children's stories told to various newspapers (in some cases, the kids names are changed to protect their privacy). We're getting some interest from papers in NY. And still working on getting more stories out from other moms who have contacted me. (if I haven't spoken to you yet, I haven't forgetten. We're working our way through the states!)


But, if you're interested in having your child's story/situation shared to create awareness, please PM me. I'll be "pitching" the stories throughout the summer as well. We really need children from DE, Maine, NJ, NH, RI.


Also, looking for stories where the children presented mainly with neuropsych symptoms/behavioral.


Thanks and an early happy mother's day to all the moms who are working so hard to advocate for their kids!!!!



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