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Guest pandas16

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Did I miss something in this article? I dont see Lyme mentioned anywhere.



No it wasn't, people on this forum were the ones who said that Lyme can hide (manipulate, change) in your DNA. I simply found an article stating that so can a lot of other things & that it's beneficial. Just another way of looking at bacteria.

I think most here are aware of the benifits of bacteria,thats why so many of us use probiotics.But I certainly wouldnt be using one that contained Lyme,just as I avoid ones with Strep.

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Our very knowledgable LLMD had our Lyme/PANDAS daughter on these exact Klaire labs probiotics. Great stuff!


Pandas16-- I think you have said some very smart things & I am glad you posted the link to explain this. not all strep is the enemy ;)

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LOL I use ones that specifically have strep http://klaire.com/images/PANDAS.pdf omgg i do the opposite of everyone on this forum.


Current evidence indicates there is no basis for

believing S. thermophilus provokes autoimmune reactions as does

GABHS and rather suggests this probiotic organism can protect

against growth of GABHS and other potentially harmful streptococcal

species in humans

Of course, "current evidence" means three years ago. Some will also say children with PANDAS can't react to just being exposed to strep. Most of us know that is not always the case.


Some children seem to react, others don't. My daughter does react to probiotics with S. Therm in it...not sure if it's the strep or some other component. We avoid it. We do like Klaire Detox Probiotic--which doesn't contain it.

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