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I have heard of DAN doctors who called NDF useless and now I am being told of other DAN and another major Dr. who is studing NDF.


"Oh Andy, I do have a note on NDF and chlorella-SP? -He said since there are studies for working with the two agents you are currently using for detox, he felt more comfortable with those. I think he said, if those were unsuitable, he would more throughly reseach these other two, or if more studies became available on these??? Something to that effect." taken from Kim's posting.


Dr Shaw is a major player and if he is not dismissing NDF that is really something.


Someone who claimed to be from Dr. Neubrander's lab claimed that they are doing a study on NDF.


Someone who claimed to be a parent of a child being treated by Dr. Neubrander stated that Dr. Neubrander has her son on NDF plus.


I have read comments from parents on a yahoo site using DMPS-lotion that they were also trying NDF with it.


Now I have seen the success of DMPS and DMSA, which I am very very happy with, but if NDF is the real MCcoy then a healthy long term and very affordable treatment option exists for children and adults who don't have stomach issues.


As for chlorella, it is one of the substances used in NDF and NDF's web page states something to the effect that they are very careful where they get theirs from for alot of the big name products are polluted with heavy metals. We ourselves looked up one company, blue algee in this case, that is a major player in the supplemental market and saw in their local papers from the area that they get thier stuff from was heavly polluted from farmer run off. Research is everything today.


I myself am not ready to use NDF but waiting to see what is going to come out in the next three to six months.


I am also planning on buying the new book on natural treatments for TS that Sheila Rogers wrote. For after all with all I know I know that there is still alot for me to learn.

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I have been using ndf plus for my son for about 10 weeks now, we are still on a really low dose. At one point we increased the dose to quickly and the tics flaired badly, dont know if this was a gut thing, or an inablility to detox the stuff the ndf pulled or what.


I believe it is helping, but we have not as yet had urine testing to show if it is pulling stuff. We recently did a hair analysis and will get the results in 2 - 3 weeks. I'll keep everyone posted as they arrive.


I am led to believe that sometimes other nasties are pulled first, before mercury with this stuff. I cleans up numerous types of toxins in the body, so the low dose combined all the junk in my son's body may mean that we are yet to deal with mercury, either way, for us it has been part of a further improvement seen in recent months. We are also using GSE for gut cleaning, and mb12 / riboflavin-5 phosphase (which is activated b2 - a dr here says that if you cant activate vitamins, it is because you dont have enought activated b2 - as this is the vitamin that activated things such as b6 and folic acid to their usable form)


I have used the ndf on my 2 other boys, one has improved greatly, the other goes up and down, but this is the one that has lots of throat clearing, and maybe needs the strep testing and immune system strengthening.



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Kim thanks for that NDF link. NDF just sounds to good to be true but then again I am sure the same could be said of the gains we got from our son from the treatments we did. What I love about NDF is that there is information on how to dispense it on line, it is affordable and there seems to be no potential negative by products other then yeast build up if that issue exists in the first place. Now I am no expert in NDF and I feel that the parents who are using it are so it would be very much appreciate Caz if you could keep everyone posted with your views on NDF-plus.

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Are certain types of chelators better for some and not so good for others? How do you decide if NDF Plus would be better than DMPS? Are IV forms of DMPS better than transdermal DMPS? I've seen lots of people that say they've started out with DMPS and then went to NDF Plus after a while. Is that the suggested way?


Also once I do get my fillings replaced and start chelating are there any certain tests that are important to do while chelating?



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From my understanding, NDF-plus has not gone thru the testing groups for assessment as DMPS and DMSA has. However, more and more parents from the various websites are jumping to it and most are claiming good results. A few DAN doctors are also starting to include it in their procedures. If you look up Doctors Data on the internet and contact them they might be able to test your urine results independently from a doctor. Some parents have claimed to have done this themselves. As for using NDF-plus to start out with, once again it is my understanding that if someone has stomach issues with yeast then they should not use NDF-plus until those issues have cleared or at least under control with another supplement. DMPS and DMSA has been proven to work with countless studies from around the world. I can not recommend what is best for anyone for I am not a doctor nor would I know of anyones medical background. I am a firm believer of having medical tests done to get baseline data. However, the only doctors I know who do this type of testing nation wide is DAN doctors. I believe that you have a contact with someone who is a supporter of detoxing after having "silver" fillings removed. That person might know of a list of doctors who may be of more assistance.


Note: You may alos be interested in typing in the name Michael Biamonte into a search engine. He has an article on Mercury Removal which is interesting, however I am not to sure about his claims that DMSA can remove mercury from the brain, along with references you might also want to look up.

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