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DR put danny on minocycline .First on Flaygl now minocycline.Still getting IV every 21 days and hes doing very,very well.Still gets sick ,not as often and symptoms are mini compared to what it was .


Im not a fan of minocyclline,used it before and dont think the results were good .



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I'm on it for Lyme. Well, at least until Thursday. I started on Doxy, but it was making me so queasy that I had no appetite, then changed to Mino since it's supposed to be processed in intestines, not stomach, but the combo of it/Azith/Nystatin was making me unbearably dizzy. I went off everything for about 2 weeks and then started back on a lower dose of Minocycline, but apparently it's still bothering me- still feel some vertigo and "off."


No experience here w/Mino for PANDAS/kids though.

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