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Yep...my vet knows way more about Lyme, autoimmune disorders, and even asked if he should give the dog a shot of penicillin for possible strep carrier when I first told him about PANDAS (I didn't even need to explain it...he just already knew.) BTW, he gave the dog the shot!


Also, keep in mind that there is a killed version of the bordetella vaccine for dogs (those of you boarding probably have to have the vaccine given.) Our vet told us about that, too, when I expressed concern about the live one.

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Wilma, For years now I have said "Maybe I should take her to the vet" for when no one could figure out why dd kept getting ear infections,my dh said maybe shes allergic to chicken-because his dog kept getting ear infections and the vet figured it out quickly--much faster than dds pedi did! And they dont seem to ? everything we tell them and seem to use common sense more often than most of the pedi's that Ive known. In fact Im going to ask mine to give my cat antibiotics because she used to pull her hair out on her back in a big patch,which she stopped about 6 months ago after she was on antibiotics for an infected bite. She has started to pull her hair out again- so I want to see if the antibiotics help again and is my guess that he will give them to us, without any begging! anyway did I miss something- do you have a Lyme dx for your daughter? How is she? Better I hope I havent seen you on here as much lately,I hope that means shes doing at least somewhat better. Angela

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