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On Biochat: Wednesday November 16, 9:30pm EST


Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless

Jaquelyn McCandless received her Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and is certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has been in private practice in Southern California since 1966. Since the early 1990’s, Doctor McCandless’ interest in women’s issues and sexuality led to an alternative medicine practice with a focus on brain nutrition, anti-aging, and natural hormone therapy. She and her husband, mathematician and educator Jack Zimmerman, PhD have conducted relationship workshops for years, publishing a book on their exploration of the spiritual dimension of intimacy in 1998, Flesh and Spirit: The Mystery of Intimate Relationship (Bramble Books). They have been married 27 years and have between them eight children and thirteen grandchildren.


In 1996 after their grandchild was diagnosed with autism, Jaquelyn returned back intensely to basic medicine in response to the complexity of Chelsey’s disorder and began working with the biomedical aspects of developmentally delayed children. Jack turned his visionary educational interests even more toward the council process in schools and the exploration with other innovative educators of inclusion programs in response to the overwhelming increase in the numbers of special needs children entering our school systems now.


Jaquelyn now utilizes the knowledge she gained exploring and using treatments for her grandchild to help other ASD children, including writing the book she so desperately needed when this aspect of her current life-journey started five years ago.

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Hilary's Biochat Notes for Dr. McCandless


Q: Dr. McCandless, thank you so much for your

generosity. I know all of the parents greatly

appreciate your work. My son is 5yo, Aspergers, and

VERY high functioning - Doing bio med for 2 years.

What treatments do you use in your practice to

increase eye contact and attention? Also, Can you

comment on your preference for chelation (TD DMPS v TD

DMSA) and the TD DMPS, TD DMSA alternating protocol?

Do you give minerals every day or every other day? I

know different Doctors use different schedules for

supplementing. Thank you so much!


A: I don’t use td-dmps, I had a few kids that had

severe enuresis that didn’t stop even after they

stopped td-dmps. I’m finding td-dmsa very successful.

For td-dmps I give minerals every day. In terms of eye

contact, the diet needs to be strict, we need to

chelate the heavy metals out, and get the right

nutrients in these kids to heal.



Q: Thanks for being here tonight. I have a two part


(1) What does developing severe dandruff and white

scaling skin on eyelids indicate?

My son developed this after regular EDTA baths and a

supplement with malic acid and Vit D.

What can it be possibly due to? I have stopped EDTA

baths and the supplement

but the symptoms persist.

(2)What you would suggest to decrease the high mercury

and lead metal load in an HFA adult

with 2 fillings and no amalgams, who has no access to

removing the fillings

(lives in a country where no such facilities are



A: 1) I have no idea what that indicates, I haven’t

seen that before in my kids. Maybe try stopping the

baths and see if the symptoms persist. Take the child

to a dermatologist. 2) I would use natural chelators,

not dmps or dmsa, if you have mercury amalgams.

Cilantro, clay baths, high selenium are some natural



Q: I started my child on Valtrex today. Should I see

positive or negative results right away? What kind of

results am I looking for? Does his dose sound

correct- he is 8 years old and 55 pounds and is on 250

mg 3 times a day. Is there a better dosage that you



A: With Valtrex for that size child, 500 mg 2x a day.

Go on to 1500 after a couple weeks. I usually test a

child first – Immunosciences viral test. We can never

kill off the viruses, we can suppress them.


Q: Hello Dr. McCandless - I have a 3 year old

daughter who is mod/severely autistic. My DAN has

prescribed oral EDTA capsules (125mg) for chelation,

and has advised to take one capsule a day. He does

not want to add any other chelators. He just wants to

use hair analysis to measure toxic metal output. Is

EDTA sufficient on its own to chelate (I am hoping for

recovery), and is hair analysis sufficient to measure

toxic metal output? Thanks!


A: I would have to hear what was on her testing. If

she showed a lot of lead, edta capsules are

appropriate. Lead hides mercury, and it makes sense to

get lead out first. Hair analysis is not the best

measure - urinary from Doctor’s Data is the best.


Q: Will oral EDTA cause yeast problems?


A: Not usually. A lot of kids have yeast problems

anyway, and you may think it’s the EDTA, but EDTA is

not famous for causing yeast problems.


Q: Hi Dr. McCandless, thanks for joining us tonight.

A question for lauricidin: We tried lauricidin last

month and my son appeared more spacey, more wild

giggling/meaningless babbling/visual stims, complained

tummy hurt and woke up in the mid of night, is that

some side effects you have ever observed? We also

doing TD-DMPS so is it OK to give Lauricidin while is



A: I have not seen this time of reaction with

lauricidin. Some kids need to start with just a couple

pellets twice a day. The giggling and babbling almost

always is yeast. Try an organic acid test to see if he

has yeast, then start lauricidin and work up slowly.

It can be given with anything, and given continuously.


Q: Dr McCandless, Do you feel it is necessary to

have yeast "under control" before beginning TD-DMSA or

is it generally okay to begin while yeast is still an

issue? I feel like if we wait for the yeast to be

under control, we'll never chelate. FWIW, we are

GFCFSF and are transitioning to SCD. Also, what

dose of glutamine would you recommend for a 20 lb "gut

kid"? Thank you so much for your time and dedication

to our children.


A: We should have yeast somewhat under control. If

your child has diarrhea/constipation, don’t start

chelation. Especially if constipated. The toxins in

the gut with dysbiosis means the child is not

absorbing what is needed. So it is important to get

yeast under control, although not completely



Q: My 5-yr old daughter got respiratory infection

recently. She got a few IV antibiotics and oral

steroids in hospital. She is fully recovered now. What

interesting is that her attention is much better than

before, so I am not sure whether that related to the

IV antibiotics. I heard about some Dan doctors put

oral antibiotics in their protocol to kill the virus.

Is there any test we could run to find out whether

regular IV antibiotics will help the child? What

would be the possible side effect?


A: Probably the antibiotics cleared out a lot of bugs

in her system. Kids will sometimes get better for a

while. Make sure to give lots of high-potency

probiotics, stay away from sugar, so she doesn’t get

the bugs back. Steroids cut down the inflammation.

They also injure the immune system. They should only

be used for emergency.


Q: From amino acid results it showed that toxic

ammonia levels is suspected. How does one get toxic

ammonia levels? Do you use Alpha-ketoglutaric acid

and what's your experience with this?



A: When amino acid tests show ammonia is high, that is

from gut bugs, the by-product of gut bugs. Alpha

ketoglutaric acid, two capsules a day, will get the

ammonia down. Cut out the sugar, heal gut with natural

or drug (diflucan, flagyl).


Q: Dr JM-for a kiddo who has "almost" recovered

except for speech delay and some anger issues (Dr

Green suspects viral~PANDAS~or other) what would your

preference be for treatment? Valtrex? Acyclovyr, or



A: If Dr Green suspects pandas, he should do a strep

or viral panel, before doing things. Dr Green is an

excellent doctor. Ask him to get some panels, to see

what’s bothering your child. Pandas and viral panel

are pretty easy to do. I would use Valtrex if you do

treat, Acyclovyr is only 1/6th as strong.


Q: My son is 3 1/2, non verbal ASD. SO far not

responding to bio med after 1 yr. We have been

fighting yeast and have used nystatin and diflucan,

also gf/cf/sf and have tried SCD. We still have yeast

issues. I don't want to use another prescription, what

supplements are best to fight yeast and also won't

interfere with chelation? Do you have experience with

the Low oxalate diet? How is it for kids with yeast?

Better than SCD? My son has food sensitivities, so it

seems impossible to combine the 2.


A: Most yeast outsmarts nystatin. If diflucan is not

working, do a stool test. The best supplements to

fight yeast, huge amounts of high potency probiotics.

Remove all sugar, including fruit, from diet. Low

oxalate diet does help a certain subset of kids

marvelously. If your kid has yeast problems over and

over, I would suggest the low oxalate diet. There are

so many diets – keep trying until you find what works

for your child. Try combining the diets, even with

sensitivities there are enough diets that you can find

a combination that works.


Q: Have you seen any differences in patients

reactions to TD-DMSA from Coastal and the TD-DMSA from

Lee Silsby - are there differences in terms of how

well they are responding and bad reactions like

diarrhea? Thank you so much.


A: Lee Silsby was first to make td-dmsa, I used that,

it was really good, but expensive and proprietary.

When I heard that Coastal was making it, I starting

transferring my patients. Tyrus at Coastal is

wonderful. Coastal is not proprietary. A lot of kids

are responding very well. The transdermals don’t cause

the yeast issues that oral chelators do.


Q: Do you have kids who are overweight? Could all

the supplements we give our children make them

overweight? (His thyroid is OK.)


A: The two that were overweight had low thyroid, I put

them on low doses of armor thyroid, and they got more

active and slimmed up. Take temperature every morning

before he urinates or eats – if below 97.6 3 out of 4

mornings, thyroid is low. Make sure the kids get lots

of exercise, don’t let them be couch potatoes.


Q: My son has a few small areas of broken capillaries

high on his cheeks which appeared a year or two after

starting autism biomedical interventions. Have you

found any special significance to these broken facial

capillaries in children with autism?


A: One other parent told me her child had that, but I

don’t know what causes it. If I find out any special

significance, I will certainly put it on the list.


Q: I loved your book and what is hard for me is

sorting through all possible causes for my son's

difficulties. I just feel overwhelmed & don't know

where to start. The most pressing issues have been

aggression/behavioral stuff. One clue may be in the

blood work, which showed odd patterns over a 2-year

period (hasn't been tested in the last year, but I

have no reason to believe these numbers have "cleared


WBCs have been running 4.4-4.6 w/ a reference range of


segs 23-33 reference range 50-75

seg # 1.0-1.9 with reference range 2.0-7.3

lymphs 55-66 reference range 20-45

Does this speak "virus" to you, or something else?

What step would you advise first? Already doing better

with diet/ supplements, but feel there's still

something "underlying".


A: As we chelate the white blood cells start

normalizing. I would test first and see what’s going

on. If you suspect viruses, get a viral panel. In the

meantime, give lauricidin, a natural anti-viral. Start

low, just a few pellets. For 50 lb child, 2 scoops a

day, but start slowly with just a few pellets a day.

Get your child on a restricted diet; then proper

nutrients; then MB-12 and LDN; then chelate; then look

at viruses.


Q: Hi Dr. JM. My 4 year old Asperger son has

excessive mucus. Frequently spits slimy/sticky mucus

that before gf/cf was maroon color, now clear. Also

excessive mucus in stools, and mucus in urine. Seems

to get worse in cycles, not food related. No one can

say what it is; DAN says probably leaky membranes.

Have you ever seen this? Biomed has decreased it, but

still a problem. Thanks!


A: Some kids do have excessive mucus, I don’t know

why. I would guess the secretory igA is very high, the

body is trying to coat the gut with mucus so the

pathogen doesn’t get in. So cut out sugar; give proper

nutrients; treat gut bugs. That’s more or less a

speculation, because I don’t know why there is

excessive mucus.


Q: Hi Dr. JM could you please comment on long term

antibiotic treatment for an autistic child now

diagnosed with lyme. My child was just diagnosed with

lyme He is 5 years old gf/cf/sf/eggfree 2 1/2 years

mb12, glutathione myriad of supplements chelating

with td-dmsa and using ldn with beautiful social

results. This week he was on antibiotics for a chest

infection and he was so connected like a different

child Thank you!


A: The temporary wonderful effects from antibiotics is

because the bug pathogen infestation is relieved for a

while. But the effects don’t last too long. I can’t

comment on long-term antibiotic treatment, except that

it kills off the good bugs along with the bad.


Q: Thank you so much for your work and book Dr.

McCandless. My daughter has been on LDN since mid

August, we are seeing good socialization, we were

hoping to see improvement in gut, but we are still

seeing lots of loose stool. Her mercury levels and

aluminum levels are extremely high, lead is also high.

Do you think the LDN will help with gut healing in

this situation, should we begin chelation or work on

gut healing before starting chelation? Her stool was

not as bad on raw goat milk kefir, but we stopped all

dairy at this time. We are doing probiotics, enzymes,

vit. and minerals. Thanks for your comments.



A: I don’t think you should wait. Malic acid will get

aluminum down, or ALA. But if you have high mercury,

you don’t want to give ALA yet. You should begin gut

healing, then chelation. LDN doesn’t interfere with

anything else – it’s designed to help the immune

function better. It will not help gut healing, it will

not chelate. So get the gut in shape, then use td-dmsa

to get lead and mercury. For those that use td-dmps,

they have to use edta for the lead because td-dmps

pulls mercury.


Q: First, Thank you so much for taking the time to

talk to us, your expertise is so much appreciated. Q:

My 3 yr old son is on a long list of supplements and

I'm able to get most in by hiding it in his food. The

one I'm having the most trouble getting in him is

SuperNuThera, he took it no problem for the first 6

months and now refuses to drink it in liquid form

(even at ¼ dose mixed with flavors). I can't get him

to swallow any pills (other than a mild tasting

chewable). I'm afraid to start chelating him (I have

the prescription for the TD-DMSA) without getting the

SuperNuThera in him. Any suggestions on techniques

for getting a 3 yr old to swallow pills OR

alternatives for a strong multivitamin as a

replacement for SuperNuThera?


A: You have to get vitamins and minerals in him before

you start chelating. Try Brainchild, that’s excellent.

Some kids take that when they don’t take supernuthera.

I use tough love – I get the vitamins/minerals in

whether they like it or not. Let him know you love

him, then give him vitamins/minerals firmly and

lovingly. But do try a different brand first. There is

a cup you can buy, you put a pill in it and they

swallow it. Age 3 is a little young to swallow pills.


Q: Hi Dr. I have a 3 yr old who has been on td-dmps

since August, we showed moderate levels of mercury on

challenge, we did not use double dose for challenge.

Since switching to Lee Silsby formula we are seeing

pretty impressive improvements in receptive language

and motor skills. Would you advice discontinuing?

Could you elaborate on what you've seen with td-dmps?

Also, my son has a bad reaction to vit. A at any dose,

any idea why this could happen? Thanks.


A: No, not if you’re seeing good results. My patients

switched to dmsa because they had some side effects

from dmps. If you’re doing well on dmps, no don’t

switch. In terms of bad reaction to vit A, I don’t

know what form you’re using. I use Klaire Micelized A,

and haven’t had any kids with bad effects from that.

You might try a different form of vitamin A then what

you’re using now.


Q: Hi Dr. McCandless, my son is taking armour thyroid

15mg 2x/day, we see in 20-30 mins after the

administration he shows cranky and bad temper,

crying/kicking for no reason, It however won't last

long. We thought it could be the td-dmps but now we

isolate that it's the armour. We stopped it for a few

days and after the TDDMPS he had no problem. We added

in today and that crankiness came back, just in 20

minutes. Any thought? (my son has high TSH, he's

42inches but 38 lbs only)


A: I would be concerned if he’s having a bad reaction

to armour, he might not need it. You can have it

compounded into smaller doses. 30 mg a day might be

too much for your child. Given his weight, the 30

might not be too much per day, but try giving smaller

doses, like 7 mg 4x/day.


Q: My daughter is 7 yrs old. She will not eat any

fruit or veggies. Must hide in her pancakes, meatloaf,

etc. She is GFCF. What is your suggestion for

constipation that began toward the end of the first 6

weeks of administering MB12?


A: I don’t believe the constipation is due to mb-12.

It’s almost always related to yeast, and not getting

enough fiber in diet. Since she’s not eating

fruit/veggies, you need to find creative ways to get

her to eat that. Give her high doses of high potency

probiotics to treat the yeast.


Q: Our 50 pound son was recently started on LDN at

1.5mg nightly. Is this enough or should we increase

the dose? Do you generally start this at a low dose

and then move up? We're seeing a nice jump in

language and he is waking up in a better mood too!!

Also, do you think acyclovir is as good as valtrex?


A: When I started my study, I started everyone on 3

mg. Most did well; but some needed to go to much

smaller doses. Now I have people start with 1.5mg. If

your child is not showing any reaction, go up a little

at a time until you get to 3 mg. If they have a

reaction, go down in dosage. If you see a nice jump in

language, probably a good dose. Valtrex is 6 times

stronger then acyclovir. If you have insurance, go for

Valtrex. Acyclovir is just not strong enough.


Q: I tried MSM with my son and he began stimming (

constant arm movements) which he NEVER had prior.

This also happened when he decided to try scrambled

eggs (constant finger flicking) and ate several over a

two week period. The stimming disappeared a week or

two after stopping MSM/eggs. What does this mean???

Allergy or yeast???


A: Most of our kids need sulfur, but some can’t handle

it. Eggs have sulfur too. Your child might be

intolerant to sulfur. I think you need to cut out eggs

and sulfur products. Usually they get over this. He

might just be overdosed on it right now. He might

also have a bad reaction to Epsom salt baths.


Q: Hi Dr. McCandless. Is there any benefit to going

above 3 mg of LDN daily as our doctor had suggested?

We saw some good results with the LDN at 3 mg. (My

son is 52 pounds.)


A: I don’t think you need to go over 3 mg at 52

pounds. More might not be better. I suspect you’re at

a proper dose. This is a drug you can experiment with

– it’s non-toxic. So if you want to try slightly

higher, you can.


Q: are there any tests that would indicate that TTFD

or authia cream would be warranted? what about metal

free or NDF? with respect to Vitamin A-- what is the

right level for kids (per pound?) Are there other ways

to get it beyond Cod liver oil? What about

Pantontheric acid for eye symptoms?


A: There aren’t any except to test thiamine. 30% of

kids have a thiamine deficiency, and they respond

wonderfully to authia. Helps get out cadmium, arsenic,

aluminum. TTFD/authia is harmless. I’ve had several

kids mainstreamed off just diet and TTFD. I don’t

recommend metal free or ndf, don’t have enough data on

it. Vitamin A – cod liver oil and Klaire micelized A.

I don’t know anything about pantothenic acid for eyes.

We need pantothene for metabolic function.


Q: I have tourette syndrome and undiagnosed sensory

processing disorder. I'm on MB12 shots and currently

chelating via TDDMPS and noticing great benefits with

sensory issues. Have you seen any results with

chelation and tics? For ones with multiply foods,

dust/molds, and pollen allergies do you see chelation

eliminating those allergies at all? Do you see

vitamin deficiencies normalize while chelating also?


A: Yes I’ve seen tics go down with chelation; and with

treatment of pandas with antibiotics. Many allergies

are related to a poorly functioning immune system. Do

everything you can do to boost immune. Monolaurin,

lauricidin, grapefruit seed extract, uva ursi,

Echinacea will all help. Getting metals out will help

immune. Eliminating viruses will help immune. Test and

see if you need treatment for viruses, or pandas.

Vitamins need to be given as you chelate. Vitamin

deficiencies do get better as you get the heavy metals



Q: We are thinking of having our 2.5 yr old asd son

scoped by Dr Krigsman, but we have heard that he

doesn't believe in urine organic acids testing only

stool analysis, my son has extremely high clostridia

and yeast on oat but NONE shows up on his stool test.

I believe he does have yeast and bacteria. Should we

go ahead and treat the clostridia and yeast according

to the OAT test before seeing Dr Krigsman next year?

He does have distention and has had blood in his stool

on two tests. What does it mean if his face turns red

after an epsom salt bath?


A: He does do urine organic acid – I sent him a child

that he did that test for. I recommend this test, I

think he will if he’s asked. Treat the yeast and

bacteria now. Particularly the clostridia, that is

very toxic to the brain. If his face turns red he may

be sensitive to sulfur, so skip the bath for now. Or

the red face might be just being in warm water. Does

sound like he needs scoping, but treat clostridia and

yeast first of all.


Q: Any suggestions on how to get a 3yo (non-verbal

and delayed cognitively) to eat something other than

french fries?


A: If he’s living on French fries he’ll stay nonverbal

for a long time, although they’re healthier if you’re

making them at home in coconut oil. If that’s the only

thing he’s eating, you need to get creative. French

fries is not an adequate diet.


Q: Thank you so much for your time & love of our kids!

My2 and 1/2 year old just did one round of TD-DMSA

and coincidently had an IV of glutathione immediately

following. We saw great gains. Went from totally

nonverbal to making sounds, simple words, started

eating off a fork, drinking a variety fluids...it was

as if his mouth "woke up" ! Could this WOW be from

the combo of chelator and IV of glutathione? Is there

any benefit to giving an IV of glutathione immediately

following a round of chelation to help the body

excrete the metals that were moved around?


A: I think glutathione is marvelous, essential to help

chelate the metals out, so it’s good to give after the

td-dmsa. How often – the doctors doing the iv

glutathione do it once a week.


Q: Dr. M - it sounds like everybody knows so much

about their child's biology, and we're just getting

started with biomed again at age 9 for our PDD-NOS

son. I'm almost depressed that it sounds like you

have to watch your child every waking moment and be a

biologist besides because I don't know that I can work

that hard. Would a good DAN Dr. like Dr. N. be able

to take us through this? Or is a lot of it intuitive

hit or miss?


A: These parents do have to work hard and become

educated, but the alternative is you can’t help your

child, so it’s worth it. Dr Neubrander will be able to

take you through it. I’m glad you’re getting started.


Q: My 4 y.o. son has been on td dmps for approx. 6

months, with very little side effects/regressions

(except intermittent enuresis) and has made steady

progress. In the past if he had gut issues--- it was

always diarrhea (never constipation). He has been on 1

packet of Threelac (~5 months) and 1 capsule of

Therabiotic Complete (~1 year) for yeast control.

Now, for the last two weeks he has been constipated.

Is it reasonable to give something like Benefiber (or

is there something else you would suggest?) to make

sure he has daily BM's during chelation?? Also, is it

okay to use Authia cream while on td dmps? Thanks so

much for your time and help!!



A: Constipation is the worst thing, you need to stop

chelation until the constipation is healed, otherwise

the poisons will be absorbed back into your system.

Benefiber will work. You can use authia while on

td-dmps. Email me, there is another powder that is

very good at solving constipation.


Q: What is your opinion of IV-DMPS? I have an 8yo son

we've done oral DMSA with for over a year with little

improvement. We've just completed 10 HBOT dives and

he is currently getting TD-LDN and TD-GSH, as well as

supplements. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to

respond much to the various therapies. We haven't

tried MB-12 shots yet. Also, if high strep titers

don't respond to antibiotics, what would you suggest

for treatment?


A: Dr Bradstreet uses iv-dmps, feels it’s very

effective. I’ve never used it. Oral dmsa is

old-fashioned, oral usually causes gut problems,

dysbiosis. I would change to td-dmsa. I would start

the mb-12 – about 90% of kids are responding

positively to that. All our kids have methylation

defects. You might need more antibiotics, or go to



Q: Hi Dr. McCandless, for the 90 food IgG test, can it

tell 1) if the child is sensitive to any food of the

list, or 2) if the child still has the exposure to any

food of them? If one food comes back negative (say

wheat), is that OK to re-introduce that food?


A: If you do the 90 food igG it will give markers for

foods that your child is sensitive to. If your child

is not eating gluten or casein, it won’t show up as a

sensitivity, but that doesn’t mean that your child

should start eating those. Anything over 3 should be

eliminated temporarily. The gut likes variety, if you

keep eating the same thing over and over it becomes

inflamed. Stay off gluten, casein, soy.


Q: can you spell out the kind of vitamin A that you

use (was it Klaire Micelized) . I have a 35 lb son on

1/2 tsp cod liver oil and 15,000 IU of beta carotene.

I recently took my son off of acyclovar and he

developed blisters under his mouth, on hands, in mouth

and a rash on arms and legs. The doctor said this was

due to hand foot and mouth, but I believe it had

something to do with taking him off the acyclovar.

Does this mean he needs the antiviral or was it a bad

idea to put him on it? Also (thank you in advance) is

LDN for longterm use or is it the hope it will

regulate the system and we can take kids off of it? My

son had a bad reaction to lipoceutical glutathione.

Very agitated for several days after trying...should I

try a different form? Not sure if I can get to an

office for IV...


A: The type of vitamin A – 5000 nordic natural cod

liver oil plus Klaire’s micelized A (866-216-6127 will

get you a 20% discount if you tell them you are my

patient.) I also use their therbiotics, and alpha

ketoglutaric from Klaire, and reduced oral

glutathione. The blisters do sound like your child has

a high viral load, herpes, so he would be a good

candidate for anti-viral therapy. Use lauracidin, it’s

the best natural antiviral. ½ scoop every day for his

weight. LDN seems to be for long term use. It’s

optimal after 5-6 months. Since it’s harmless,

inexpensive, non-addicting, there is no reason to get

off it. With ACTOS, they’re showing remylenation in

the brain. I would stay on LDN and Actos for at least

9 months. If you give a drop of glutathione, then the

next day 2 drops, eventually he might get adjusted to

it. Try td-glutathione. Coastal and Kirkmans both sell

that. Lipoceutical is good too. The more glutathione,

the better.


Q: Is IV glutathione a natural chelator along with

Methyl B12? This is what Dr Hicks RX for my 6 yr old.

He says he is chelating on this as shown on fecal

metals tests? Thank You


A: Yes it’s a natural chelator. MB-12 is not a

chelator, but helps the chelation process. If your

child is getting better and putting out some metals, I

would go along with what Dr Hicks says…but I would be

tempted to add td-dmsa too to get the heavy metals out



Q: My son does not eat any green vegetables. Someone

told me it is because he can't handle folic acid,

which occur in veggies. So he is protecting himself.

I don't know whether to believe it or not.


A: Our autistic children have a secret pact among them

that nothing green will pass their lips. I don’t think

they can’t handle folic acid. I just think kids don’t

like vegetables. We put veggies on the table, plus a

dessert like blueberries that Chelsea likes. Chelsea

doesn’t get dessert until she eats her veggies.


Q: my son is severely apraxic. he currently takes 500

mg of DHA and 500 mg EPA via cod liver oil. I have

heard that high dosages of essential fatty acids can

help apraxia. Do you recommend a certain ratio between

DHA and EPA? My son is 6o lbs how much would you

recommend? Thanks so much!


A: Those are not high doses. I would go up to 1200 on

EPA and 1000 on DHA. Most of the DHA turns into EPA.


Q: When would a child be a good candidate to take

Valtrex? Do you always need to do a viral panel? Also,

what do you think of the new Coastal MB12 nasal spray

(as opposed to the shots)?


A: The viral panel is one of the things I do in my

evaluation. Chelation helps kids handle the viral

load. Get diet in shape, get gut healed, then chelate.

Then tackle the virals. If you can get the metals

down, the immunosupression usually takes place

naturally. Viruses and mercury have an alliance. If

you don’t get the metals out, you will be taking

valtrex forever. So chelate first. So a good candidate

for valtrex would be someone not responding to


On the nasal spray, there is not enough evidence to

say yet if it’s just as good as the shots.


Q: Dr. M we have been chelating wonderfully for 2

years now with DMPS-td no problems with kidneys. In

September we tried our first DMPS-td got good Hg pull

and wonderful gains but for the first time ELEVATED

LEAD! Will not be able to get back to Florida til Feb

for EDTA infusion. Will TTFD help lead? Do not want to

stop our Hg effort as he is getting so much better.


A: TTFD will not help lead. Lead sometimes hides

mercury, so add oral edta. Wonder Labs makes edta.

Doctors Data says to give at night when they go to

bed, it won’t do any good during the day while they’re



Q: I've heard several times that most ASD kids test

low for sulfur. The hair analysis for our son showed

he is above the normal reference range for sulfur. Is

this significant? Also, what is your feeling on

vaccinating kids with ASD? If a child has not had mmr,

do you recommend not getting it?


A: If sulfur is low on hair analysis test, I wouldn’t

pay attention. Give MSM, Epsom salt baths, eggs. I

wouldn’t vaccinate any child on the spectrum, or their

sibling, until they are at least 2 years old. If the

child has not had MMR, no, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Give high doses vit A, they will only get very light



Q: My son is on chelation td-dmps,ldn,mb12,ndf plus

all supplements and has very restrict diet and no

speech he is 7 years old no improvements compare to

others and has high aluminum what is the best

chelation .he has a lot of sensory issue he is 75lb.I

do not if he has gut issue or yeast


A: I use malic acid from NS Formulas (Integrative

Neutraceuticals). ALA also chelates aluminum, so TTFD

will help get it down. I would certainly do an OAT

test (organic acid test) to see if there are gut bugs,

yeast. Don’t cook on aluminum pots pans, don’t use

aluminum foils, don’t eat or drink out of metal cans.

Some paper cups also have lining that’s aluminum. Use

TTFD and malic acid.


Q: Hi Dr. McCandless - My 3 yo daughter was diagnosed

mild/moderate PDD a year ago (still no language -

likely apraxic- gut and urinary tract issues -

abnormal head growth at a young age - but great eater

and very social) - and we began bio-med almost

immediately - first gf/cf/sf - then SCD (have to stay

very strict) - also has responded well to introduction

of LOD - (decrease in belly aches), supplements (great

responder to zinc supplementation), nystatin,

probiotics, MB-12 and began LDN in July (3mg) - she

has one of those super immune systems - hurts herself

and you can almost watch her heal on the spot - have

seen a marked decrease in food sensitivities since LDN

(used to have new ones every few weeks - now haven't

seen the problem in months) - and great changes in

mood, cooperation and receptive language - are there

other things that you would expect to see as time goes

on to show that her immune system has started to

modulate? - Also - I am now interested in starting

chelation - but she is extremely sensitive (has had

trouble tolerating NDF+ and most herbal remedies) -

she is high in mercury and thallium - but most other

metals were present but lower - what would be your

recommendation? - Thanks so much


A: I can’t speak to NDF. A lot of herbal remedies are

very strong, bitter. My recommendation is td-dmsa,

especially if high in mercury.

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For Informational Purposes only. Always seek the advise of qualified medical professionals.


shared from ASD_solutions :) Kim





Feel free to forward



Dr. Derrick Lonsdale

He is a board certified pediatrician, Fellow of the American College

of Nutrition and Certified Nutrition Specialist. I was an invited

member of the first DAN initiation but could not make it because of

a date clash. I was head of the Section of Biochemical Genetics at

Cleveland Clinic until 1982 and helped to bring in the newborn

screening tests into Ohio. I was conultant for inborn errors of

metabolism in North East Ohio. I have published over 100 papers in

the medical literature. My interest in TTFD dates back to 1973 when

I was granted an Independent Investigator Licence (IND)for clinical

studies of thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide (TTFD). This IND is

still active. I published an open study of the results of a single

injection of Secretin in 68 ASD kids and I also published a pilot

study of the effects of TTFD in 10 ASD kids, given by rectal

suppository. Since that time I have been studying the benefits of

TTFD given transdermally and have initiated the development of a

commercially available transdermal preparation known as Authia. The

use of transdermal TTFD is patented. Derrick Lonsdale M.B. B.S.

(London). F.A.A.P. C.N.S.



Notes below are paraphrased; the actual recording is on





Q: My son is 9 speech & attention deficit, would TTFD be of help to



A: Definitely. I did a study years ago with 10 children, 8 of them

approved with TTFD. I saw arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium in their

urine in nearly all the children. The TTFD helped, and I still use

it as part of my treatments. TTFD as a transdermal is very

beneficial. I normally use it with transdermal DMSA. Animal studies

show mercury is removed using thiamine (which is found in TTFD) and

DMSA. The outcome using them together is better then either one



Q: TD (transdermal)? How often should I dose him?


A: Daily. The cream is available by phone. The cream is given by 1/4

teaspoonful, massaged into the skin, on a nightly basis.


Q: Do you believe that all of our kids have high levels of toxic

metals? What kind of challenge do you do to determine this? How does

TTFD differ from TD DMPS?


A: No, I don't think all kids, but I think it's very common. I've

seen SH-reactive metals (arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium) commonly.

They react with sulfur and hydrogen atoms.

I do a TD-DMSA challenge, and the parents collect urine after the

first cycle. DMSA is given for 3 days on, 11 days off. This is a

good protocol.

TTFD is essentially a vitamin. DMPS is a drug. That is a basic

difference. I've used TTFD since 1973, and have never seen any

toxicity. I've treated Down's, mental retardation, and ASD

disorders. I've usually found TTFD to be very helpful. The best part

is it's non-toxic.

It's not just for heavy metals, although the removal of heavy metals

is an important reaction. You might use it the same as vitamin B1,

as a therapeutic tool. Vitamin B1 treats over 230 different

conditions. TTFD is simply a method of delivering vitamin B1 into

the system.


Q: Are there any other supplements to give along with TTFD to help

support detoxification or supplements that should be avoided while

using it?


A: One of the things that happens with the use of TTFD given

transdermally is that the child develops a body odor like a skunk.

10 mg of biotin makes the odor disappear within 24 hours. Since

then, I have treated a lot of children with TTFD, and in many cases

the biotin hides the odor. The odor produced is undoubtedly related

to the metabolic changes that are happening in the child, and as the

child improves, the odor goes away.

There is no toxicity from TTFD – that's simply not true.

There are no supplements to avoid while using this vitamin TTFD. All

vitamins you would normally use can be used in conjunction with TTFD.


Q: Lemon juice takes the odor away as well (wash feet in the am)


A: Thank you, that's a very helpful hint.


Q: Is it for long term use? Can it be dangerous to give too much

vitamin B1?


A: Yes, it's for long term use. You can use it indefinitely; I've

treated people for months, years, and have given very high doses. It

can be dangerous to give too much, but it has to be literally

thousands of times the RDA. If you take it that high, it will

produce a paralytic effect in the nervous system.

Much of the time I've given TTFD by mouth, but kids on the spectrum

don't always take supplements orally. On a suggestion by a DAN!

colleague, I contacted a compounding pharmacy to make a transdermal


TTFD is a disulfide derivative of vitamin B1. When it comes up

against a cell membrane, the B1 enters the cell, and it leaves the

self-containing molecule outside the cell. This is a very efficient

way of delivering vitamin B1 into the cell.


Q: How long before seeing results?


A: In the pilot study, the children saw results in 4-6 weeks.


Q: I have noticed that my son's "TTFD odor" will come and go. It

leaves for a few weeks and then will come back. If this is

indicative of metabolic changes, why does the odor return? Is the

odor a sign of him detoxing more at that time?


A: I'm afraid that I don't know the exact answer to that. Skunks

produce mercaptans (the stinky sulfur-containing substance). I think

some of the action of TTFD is to produce a mercaptan. Studies have

been done, and it's shown that the mercaptans are excreted in the

urine, with no toxic effect. Bottom line, I think the metabolism in

your case might be waxing and waning.


Q: My son is constantly hungry. He wants to eat all day long.

After he finishes eating, he wants to eat more. He eats more than

most adults. His weight is average. We give him only very healthy

GFCF food. He only cares about food. He does not seem to have gut

pain. He has no inborn errors of metabolism/genetic problems.

All this started at 23 months at the same time as his regression

with his DPT and has not been helped with dietary intervention. His

fasting blood glucose level has gradually gone from normal to

slightly low over the past 2 years. I don't know what to do. I am

worried he will develop diabetes and it is so hard to deal with his

eating all the time. He is not low in chromium and I always give

him meat carbs and vegetables together. What can I do? Thanks!


A: I have developed a conclusion about ASD. The metabolic lesion is

related to the limbic system of the brain. The human brain is made

up of cognitive and the primitive element (limbic). The limbic is a

computer, it contains all the reflexes for which a human is able to

survive in a toxic and hostile world. Appetite is controlled by the

computer, not the stomach. When you put food in the stomach, it

notifies the brain that food is coming. As you continue to put food

in the stomach, the signals crescendo to the brain. Finally, the

brain says I've had enough. That's what controls appetite. If that

center is damaged in some way, the child goes on feeding and feeding

and feeding. Most of the children I see have the opposite, a

complete loss of appetite. So I think there is damage here (the

satiety center). Many cells and many parts of the brain are affected

by ASD. Every child is different.

If you're not using TTFD, you definitely should. You can get that

from your physician.

Vitamin B1 is beneficial to the limbic system. You have to supply

plenty of vitamins and oxygen to this system.


Q: Do you feel the po (oral) is as effective as the TD? (TTFD) do

you combine it with other chelators?


A: Yes I combine. I use DMSA cycles along with daily TTFD. I do not

feel that the oral is as effective as the transdermal. A lot of the

things we use now are given by transdermal, and are efficient. The

skin is a marvelous way to get these things in. But you have to be

aware that the skin takes in the bad too, such as arsenic from play

areas, and such.

I think TD DMSA is wonderful, so good that I have not used DMPS.


Q: 1. For those who have allergies to sulpha/sulphur, is ttfd safe

as you said there was a sulphur molecule used for transport. 2.

What are your top treatments for ASD? And can you rate their



A: This is important. Sulpha medication is short for sulphonimide.

It's an anti-microbial. Sulphur is the kind of sulphur produced from

volcanos. TTFD is safe. The sulphur molecule in it may have an

important bearing in it's effectiveness.

Top treatments for ASD: I always use Nu-thera as a multi-vitamin. Nu-

thera was a result of the research carried out by Bernie Rimland

years ago. This mixture is beneficial in autism. These children are

vitamin deficient. I use TTFD transdermally in the form of Authia

cream, which contains a small amount of methyl cobalamin. I use that

with TD-DMSA. I use folinic acid. Most of these kids can't use folic

acid – folinic is the one you want. I look for yeast by sending

urine to Great Plains, then I will add Nystatin. In some cases, I

use Diflucan if the yeast is systemic. And I'm just beginning to use

the low dose Naltrexone. The order I spoke of them in is the order I

would rate them in.


Q: We are using TD-DMSA on a 3/11 cycle. Is there a better time to

give TTFD? Does it need to be applied away from the chelator?


A: It does need to be applied away – use a different site for each

of the TD creams you use. I usually advise for parents to give TTFD

in the evening, so you can wash the child in the morning to try to

get rid of the odor.

Most of the children I see begin to get better within a day or so of

completing the 3 day cycle of DMSA.









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<*> To visit your group on the web, go to:


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To get into BioChat goto www.drneubrander.com


and then click on the Chat/Forum tab and download the BioChat



Thursday March 2, 9:00pm EST

Dr. Anju Usman

Dr. Usman is director of True Health Medical Center in Naperville,


She specializes in the treatment of biochemical imbalances in

children with

Autism and ADD. She has been involved in research involving


imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, and heavy metal

detoxification. She

has educated parents and professionals in the US and abroad focusing

on the

biomedical and DAN approach to treating Autism. Dr. Usman received


medical degree from Indiana University. She completed a residency in


Practice at Cook County Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois and is board

certified in Family Practice.

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Phillip DeMio, MD

Dr. DeMio is the father of a child with autism, and

has been an M.D. for over twenty years. He graduated

from the Case Western Reserve University School of

Medicine with honors in metabolism, women and

children’s health, and neurosciences. Prior to medical

school he taught and worked in the organic chemistry

laboratory at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska.

He is a DAN! physician, an author of medical topics

including alternative and conventional medicine, and

is accredited for speaking nationally on medical

topics including brain toxicology, nutrition, and use

of supplements in health and disease for children and

adults. Dr. DeMio currently focuses almost exclusively

on treating children of all ages on the autism



Dr. DeMio’s philosophy is that our children and loved

ones are first and foremost in all of our treatments.




Go to http://www.drneubrander.com for the audio of the





Q: What is the best way to discipline or handle temper



A: Temper tantrums and meltdowns – meltdowns are very

common with our kids, and often the child is not even

aware of them, they’re out of control. Assess the

child’s nutrition, heavy metal status, sensory issues,

antioxidants, etc. A whole program is important. In

the short term, you can try backing off, giving space,

give no input. If they might hurt themselves, move

things out of the way. Sometimes they work themselves

through it. Sometimes giving them pressure helps. The

parent usually knows how to handle best.

Kirkman’s magnesium cream helps – 5 scoops from that

jar, rub it all over the back. They really chill out.

Unless the child has kidney disease, you can be pretty

liberal with this cream.

Sometimes in between meals meltdowns are common. If

nutrition is short in between meals, they get weak,

sick, don’t think clearly. Give protein snacks. Or if

you have amino acids, sometimes that helps. The

neurotransmitters in the brain regulate better in

10-15 minutes.

If you know what may trigger your child, sometimes you

can rub the magnesium cream on ahead of time. You can

give this several times a day. Other supplements can

help too, like DHA (fish oil). EPA is more

stimulating, but DHA is calming.


Q: My daughter is on LDN, she has been on it for 7

mos. it seems to be helping her bowls be more normal,

but she is getting a distended belly again and some

hard stools and gas. Do you think this is from the



A: If the bowels are normal, but the belly is

distended, that might be from LDN. If the dose is too

high, it can cause constipation. The endorphins in the

body keep the bowels right where they should be, if

the dosage is right. Try backing off a little, to find

the optimal dose. It’s a tricky substance to use. 3

milligrams for those under 100 lbs is not always

right. Sometimes start at 0.3 milligrams or even

lower, and inch up once or twice a week. Start at 0.3

(1 notch on the cc syringe). See how that does for a

few days. For anyone already doing it, just back off 1

notch. The goal is to find what’s right for your

daughter. You also need to watch the immune – what’s

happening to allergy, viral outbreaks, colds. That’s

another gauge of whether too high or too low. Ask your

doctor if you should back off a slightly. Also, if the

LDN dose is too high, you can get overgrowth of yeast,



Q: What is the first thing you usually start with for

a 10 year old non talking boy? How would you get a

child to get in the HBOT? He is just too scared to zip

it closed.


A: Some of the parents use sedation before going into

hbot, but that may take breathing down, and the child

doesn’t get as much effect from the hbot. Try the

magnesium cream, DHA fish oil, that might help.

The first thing I usually start with, for any patient,

is to look at where you’re at, what you’ve tried, lab

test results, what has worked, what hasn’t worked. For

example, if TMG didn’t work, we might try DMG. If

gluten free helps, soy free doesn’t, then maybe

allergies are not as much an issue as leaky gut. Then

we talk about what you want to try. Start one thing or

multiple things. Test for depletion in minerals. The

testing has to occur first, but while we’re waiting

for the results from testing, we might start LDN or



Q: How do you know when it is time to stop the b-12

shots. At first we saw a mild improvement and now we

aren't sure if it is helping him


A: If it’s not making the child too hyper, increase

the dose and/or give more frequently. If you’re not

getting the effects you want (better language, better

social), then try upping the dose. The urine might get

red with the extra dose. I have some kids on the shot

every day. Others only do a shot a couple times a

month. You can add folinic acid, and some of the amino

acids, and that might help.

Sometimes I pulse – give the shots 3 days a week, then

back off for a couple weeks, then start up again. I’m

willing to use different doses, different schedules.

The nasal spray is another good way to get the mb-12.

I think mb-12 is another one of those things where the

kids all need different dosing. Probably for 80% of

the kids, you can find a dose that doesn’t make them

hyper, but works for them.

Have you tried Ritalin or any add medications? Some of

the medications, like Adderall and Ritalin, interfere.

They counteract each other, the mb-12 doesn’t seem as



Q: I had a question about yeast. My son has yeast

symptoms which come and go - giggling, spinning,

higher energy, drunkenness, sleeping less, yellower

stool. Overall, though, when he has these symptoms he

seems better, happier. He also follows instructions

better and is more social. I am able to get rid of

the yeast fairly easily but then he is a lot less

social and quite unhappy though he sleeps more.

Testing usually reveals some yeast but not super-high

amounts. He is on a strict GFCF diet which excludes

sugar and fruit among other things. Given that he is

so much better with small amounts of yeast, could it

be that in my son's case he somehow needs yeast, maybe

until the metals reduce some more? Does this make

sense at all? I have read a lot about yeast and how

it is bad for ASD kids but it's just that my son is

just so much happier and affectionate with it.


A: That’s a challenging question. It rocks the

paradigm of what we think of about yeast.

Yeast makes gluten in the GI tract – Bill Shaw has

shown this. If your child is gfcf then they get yeast

and the yeast makes gluten, they get a rush of gluten,

that opiate high. It’s almost like a little dietary


That might not be your son’s issue for sure.

How often does this happen, and how long are the

stretches? the stretches can be months and months but

more frequent lately

There might be more then just yeast involved, other


What are you doing to get rid of the yeast?

candex, threelac, we used Rxs in the past

If you have more then 1 type of yeast, the

candex/threelac might have killed one type. Some of

the other yeast might not show up, might be resistant.

Higher dose of nystatin sometimes works; or rotating

what you’re using to battle yeast.

It seems to me the dysbiosis knocks out the old bad

guys, but adds its own bad side effects, so the idea

is to get rid of both of them at the same time. You

could try Grapefruit seed extract, caprillic acid,



Q: Does giggling and spinning always mean yeast?

Because my son has never tested positive for yeast and

yet has started spinning and giggling again lately

which I haven't seen since we changed his diet to gfcf

over a year ago. We finished our 3rd round of td-dmsa

11 days ago… Second Question, How do I know if my son

is a good candidate for LDN? How many rounds of

td-dmsa should we finish before trying something new

like LDN? We will be starting our 4th round this



A: Yeast does not always show up on tests. We look in

the stool. The yeast in the GI tract doesn’t always

show in the stool test. They look for the yeast to be

sending toxic stuff into your urine.

If you treat for yeast, and get a reduction of

giggling/spinning, it’s the yeast that’s the problem.

We’ve had great success with td-dmsa. Orally, yeast

loves the sulphur in dmsa. Even with transdermal, some

kids get yeast from td-dmsa. Use grapefruit seed

extract ahead of time, in the days before you chelate.

Spinning could also be OCD behavior. Chronic strep.

Sensory issue, vestibular.

Good candidate for LDN? 30-50% chance it will help. If

your child has yeast, for example, it will make your

immune stronger, knock off the yeast. It can also help

with leaky gut, block the opiate receptor. The hardest

part is finding the right dose.

I don’t think you have to worry about the number of

rounds of dmsa, as long as you’re comfortable as to

how your child is doing.


Q: I have a question about the possible effects of

antibiotics. My three year old has been on MB12 shots

for about three months. He is also on folinic acid,

cod liver oil and Dr. Neubrander's multivitamin

powder. Daniel is almost never sick, but 10 days ago

wound up with a double bulging ear infection, so we

put him on omnicef. For the last four or five days,

he has been much spacier, not as connected, not as

easy to get his attention. Unfortunately, at the same

time he went on the antibiotic, his non-biomedial

program changed a great deal because he "aged out" of

early intervention and into the school system.

Finally, on day 6 of the antibiotic, we started high

daily doses of MB12. He has never regressed before.

Do you think the antibiotic is to blame? If so, what

can I do about it now or in the future?


A: You can work on it now. Sometimes a child has to go

on antibiotics. But at the same time, you can use

threelac, nystatin, grapefruit seed extract, to tone

down the yeast and bad germs. About 80% of the time in

our experience, we can use a natural method rather

then use antibiotics. When they have to have them, we

use probiotics, herbals, etc.


Q: We started my 2.11yr old son on TD-DMSA in Jan.

Since the second round, he has had alot of increase

stimming and running, along with many positives. I

added Yeast Aid thinking it was yeast but his stools

haven't firmed up yet and are still very runny and the

stimming hasn't gone back to before starting the DMSA.

Could this be metals moving or could the yeast aid

not be strong enough to kill all the yeast?


A: Stimming and running and positives makes me think

metals are moving, but that can stir up metals. Yeast

Aid doesn’t kill all the yeast. Some of the yeast

remains, then grows back. You can preempt the yeast

before doing a round, so keep after the yeast, and do

things on your off-chelation days.


Q: How much actual brain damage is happening vears

just swelling/inflammation from the heavy metals and

toxins that our kids have in them? Do "older" kids

that have been exposed for several years to these have

a good chance at recovery? Also. what is an average

timeframe for chelation to be complete?


A: Most people go a couple years with chelation. Some

adults chelate quickly. But others are out past a

year. It depends on what you use, what fits into your

life style, whether you add IV glutathione, etc. The

kids get sicker if we go too fast.

As far as older kids and recovery, I did a talk on

Autism One Radio. Also, the archived ARI newsletters

has a piece from me. We’ve helped every child we’ve

done chelation on. One child was very sensitive, so we

backed off, started again slowly. All the other kids,

the chelation has really helped. For example, we have

a 13 year old girl who after a year of chelation just

started speaking, said her first sentence.

As far as brain damage/swelling/inflammation, we don’t

know. The inflammation is reversible, the brain damage

we don’t know. But with therapy and biomed, we can do

as much as is possible.


Q: What is your opinion on Hbot treatments? Can you

comment on any successes you have seen? Also what

chelator would you recommend for my 8 year old girl

with high lead & copper levels and lower level of

mercury? She is GFCF and receiving daily MB12.


A: I think HBOT is helping a lot of kids. Some kids

get a little bit of help, some get a lot. Some kids

get side effects; others absolutely rave about it with

minimal side effects. Start out low and slow, after a

few treatments see if any side effects. The kids are

accompanied by an adult in the chamber. There are

certain supplements that can help.

Chelators – topical dmsa (transdermal) is a good one.

TTFD and glutathione can help. If your child is

even-keeled, you can try dmps. For some of the more

wound-up, dmps is too much. Some of the girls with

high testosterone for example should be starting on

dmsa, not dmps, because they get wound up with the



Q: My son has seizures as well as Autism. When we

began M-B-12, we saw an increase in seizure activity

for a short time, then we upped M-B12 to daily shots.

Again, increase in seizures. I've increased his

Taurine to 3grams per day in divided doses, and, he's

only had 2 seizures in the past 5 weeks, an all-time

record. Likely, he's not absorbing all of the

Taurine, but my question is, could this be a bad thing

to give this much Taurine? He only weighs 40 pounds

and is 8yrs. Also, we just started Nystatin. How

long until we SEE yeast in the stool? Thank you!



A: A lot of parents talk about seeing crystals in the

stool, or sweet-smelling, so they suspect yeast. I

wouldn’t worry about that much taurine. It protects

the liver. It can lead to higher ammonia, but if you

check it and it’s not going up, keep giving the

taurine. It’s a fabulous choice for seizures. Good

combination, the taurine and mb-12.


Q: If a child is high in d-lactate, should they stop

l-acidophilus and use only lactate-free probiotics?


A: The good guys can turn out to be bad guys. They

take over the GI tract too much. D-lactate is produced

from sugar. Sometimes the real issue is that the child

needs to back off on sugar or carbs. Our kids cannot

tolerate the amounts of sugar and carbs that other

kids can.

Switch to saccharomyces boulardii. Custom Probiotics

makes d-lactate-free probiotics. Try that, and cutting

back carbs/sugar.


Q: Are you using the low oxalate diet in your

practice? If so, what experiences have you had with

it? Although we are using high dose daily MB12 and

supplements and are casein free, we are not yet fully

GFCF. Do you recommend any particular order for

starting various diet options?



A: Some parents come in and want to start more then

one diet at once, GF, CF, soy free, Feingold, SCD.

Other parents want to cut out one food at a time. If

you have a problem with appetite, sometimes it’s best

to first increase B vitamins and zinc, possibly LDN.

Their appetite might get better, then you can try

changing diet. The low oxalate diet can be tricky.

Sometimes adjusting your mineral supplements will

help. If you have tried gfcf and it didn’t help, you

might try SCD or low oxalate. If the diets aren’t

helping, it may mean you need to clean up the GI tract

more. If gfcf doesn’t work, you can try any other

diet, in any order, as long as you commit to it, do it



Q: We are going to be starting oral DMSA and my son

has yeast. He is on nystatin and mct oil or uva ursi.

Is he better off on TD form of DMSA? 2nd question - my

son has been sick - cold, ear infections, stomach flu,

all winter. We tried a few a few things to help his

immune system like colostrum, monolaurin, echinacea.

He is on LDN, & mb-12. Anything else that can help?


A: Yes, the TD-DMSA is much better then oral form in

terms of controlling yeast in GI tract. Sometimes we

do oral DMSA challenges, but for the most part we use

transdermal. 90% less yeast with transdermal. It’s

much easier to control the yeast with transdermal.

Sick all winter – if you’re sick while on LDN, you

might want to stop LDN while you’re sick. The viruses

can race if you don’t. I stop for most cases if the

child has caught something. It clears up faster. If

you get one infection after another on LDN, your dose

might be too high, and you’re making your immune

weaker. Try a lower dose.


Q: We have a son diagnosed with PDD-NOS and possible

ADHD. My mother-in-law has asked about Glycoproteins

IE Phyto Bears for children. Are Glycoproteins

something that you would reccommend and If so how much

and what would it do to help him? Would you recommend

the Glycoproteins over other minerals etc?

Also... We have had many great suggestions today MB12,

LDN, Probiotics, minerals, etc. Hard to think of

starting everything all at once. Thank you for your

suggestions and all your help.


A: Minerals replace the deficiencies that so many of

our kids have, especially with chelation. Zinc and

selenium especially are important. Glycoproteins are

like a vaccine without the mercury. They get the

immune to kick into action. We use Larix from Eclectic

Institute. Probiotics have glycoproteins.

Glycoproteins are generally pretty safe.

Generally I recommend starting only a few things at

once, so you can figure out what’s doing what.


Q: My son had a neurotransmitter test done by

neuroscience and it showed low epinephrine and high

norepinephrine with a ratio of 14.9 which according to

the lab means that he is under a lot of stress. Also,

glutatmate (131) and PEA (819) were very high

indicating excitatory but GABA also high (14) which

indicates inhibitory. Is this test reliable? Any

suggestions to help with this (esp the epi/norepi

ratio)? Thanks


A: I think these tests are tricky to interpret. They

give some info, but you can get similar from Organic

Acid test.

Some of the kids can get better control using MB-12

for the epinephrine/norepinephrine. Or dmg/tmg, or

folinic acid, a methylator. Sometimes amino acids can

be adjusted and that helps.

The glutamate is tricky. It is made more powerful with



Q: Do you have any comments on Amy Yasko's RNA? I

have a good friend whose 18 year old is pouring out

mercury on Metals I & II, although he's chelated with

DMSA & DMPS for years. Thanks.


A: Many patients do feel better with Amy Yasko’s

protocols, they go a step further. I think you keep

trying to peel the layers. The goal is always for the

child to get better. As long as the child gets better,

the treatment is worth it. You need a game plan as to

how these things will fit into your child’s protocol.


Q: Our local DAN! Doctor wants to do a round of

steroids due to Lymphoid Hyperplasia, can't remember

which one he wants to use. Can you comment on this

issue? Is there a natural alternative? Could the

HBOT help kill the measles virus in the gut, as 100%

O2 does kill some viruses? PS Congrats on being on NBC

news with the Shoemaker family! Anxious to see many

more kids recovering!


A: If you use a small dose of steroid, I don’t think

it’s always bad to use steroids. Sometimes licorice

(not DGL but full force licorice) acts likes a

steroid. Be careful with the licorice, can deplete


HBOT probably does help kill viruses.


Q: Do you use LDN for an adult with Parkinsons? Do

you know if it has been used successfully?


A: The cause of Parkinsons is controversial. I don’t

really have any experience with LDN and Parkinsons.

IV glutathione has been used successfully with

Parkinsons, sometimes up to twice a day.


Q: Have you ever used ozone therapy - given rectally

for bacteria/ yeast??


A: I haven’t. There are many oxygenizing therapies. IV

peroxide. Acid water, with ozone in it. Sometimes when

you use an ozone type of acid, it’s more of a hydrogen

free acid. It can kill off a lot of germs, but it can

be an irritant, so there is a limit of how much you

can use.

I use idebinone and co Q10.. Also germanium oxygenates

the GI tract.


Q: When do you recommend IV-chelation? for which

kids? Are kids recovering with IVs who were not with

TD-chelation? You mentioned regular licorice over

DGL. Why? We were using DGL and it helped my son's

stool but after a time my son got non-painful reflux

symptoms that have not gone away after we stopped.


A: IV chelation – several chelators can be given IV,

but the only I’ve done IV is glutathione. Vitamin C

can also be considered part of chelation. DMPS and

DMSA are drugs, and some parents worry about the

liver, so glutathione and vitamin C are a good natural


IV EDTA is in every major children’s hospital, used

for lead toxicity. The fast IV push is slightly

different then IV EDTA.

We do over several hours, and check electrolytes. But

not all doctors do it the same way.

I recommend starting with topical DMSA or DMPS; and

possibly EDTA.

Penicillamine has been used for autoimmune issues,

it’s a brain chelator. Alpha lipoic acid on the skin,

or oral.

Licorice is used as a steroid substitute, it does not

suppress like prednisone. The DGL version is soothing

for the GI tract, it can help heal leaky gut. The full

fledged non-DGL is stronger.


Q: My son picks alot at his lips and his fingers.

What may help with this? Is this something that needs

to be therapeutically treated with biomedical

interventions? Thank you. What does zinc do to help?


A: Zinc is the most important for our kids. Zinc runs

metabolism. It’s a traffic cop throughout the body.

When it gets pushed out of the way by mercury, the

kids get sick. Make sure your child gets enough zinc.

Sometimes kids pick from yeast. Others pick because

they have OCD (could be strep infection, or

autoimmune). Sometimes picking at the face means

calcium is low. Try raising calcium, with or without

magnesium, should see an improvement after a week.

Sometimes they are low in minerals, especially when

detoxifying they crave minerals, so they pick skin and

hair and eat it.

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