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Which labs for which tests

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Sorry, I know I have seen this info before, but can't find it.


I want to do coinfection testing:

Babesia, Bartonella, MycoP, and Erlichia


Which labs are best for which?


Igenex has coinfection panel for Bart and babesia. Should I go there for that?

Is MycoP lab-dependent? Otherwise, my HMO lab can do it.

Who does erlichia well?

Any other coinfections to request?



I welcome any advice. Thanks!

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Our LLMD used Specialty Labs for bartonella. He did not test for ehrlicia or babesia as symptoms didn't suggest they were needed at this point, which is why he didn't have us spend the money for the Igenex co-infection panel (Specialty Labs accepts insurance). Myco has been tested thru Quest.


Sounds like you aren't currently seeing an LLMD. Sometimes doctors have their own opinions on labs. Are you trying to just rule things out?


Depending on symptoms, other suspects for behavioral issues can be yeast, mold, metals, toxins, celiacs, leaky gut, parasites and I'm sure other things I'm forgetting. Are there specific symptoms that are making you think TBIs or are you just looking for peace of mind?

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