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Hi Everyone


I have not been to this site for awhile because my daughter is doing well. She does occasional tics but that not often.

Well she just went to the dentist and he is referring her to a oral surgeon because she might have a cyst near the wisdom

tooth. I tried to suggest to my daughter if they have to take it out that she does not be put to sleep. She is 17 and

she was not going for that idea. I remember a couple of years ago I went to the oral surgeon because her tooth was bothering her. He said he did not see nothing wrong but if it continues to bother her come back and I happen to mention the tics and how I feel about medication and the doctor looked at me like I was crazy to even suggest no medication. I understood because he was talking about the pain. I had all my wisdom teeth taking out with out being put to sleep but I was a few years older than my daughter. Well anyway I wanted to know do I have reason to worry ?



PS. One of the reasons my daughter is doing well is this site. -THANKS

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my son had one wisdom tooth removed with just local anaesthetic last year and did not have any significant problems

In fact, he felt a whole lot better once that tooth was gone!


If it is an uncomplicated extraction, then it really is far better to avoid general anaesthetic as that always carries more risks and potential side effects than just a local shot

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