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My discovery about lavender & strep

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Here's a discovery I had. Lavender kills strep...I Googled it. What follows is my interpretation of what MIGHT have happened to me. I tell you this not so you will use lavender to kill strep (tho' seriously DIE STREP DIE as a friend of mine <Heather> says so often). I was seriously miserable (still kinda am). I tell you this because many people use lavender to soothe, calm, etc...and for PANDAS/strep it might not be the best thing. If you're using lavender think back to see if you can remember any adverse reactions. Not sure that lavender would cause a full out flare if no strep is present, but if it's there, it could cause issues. Again, I DO NOT recommend using lavender against strep.


Okay...first off, I do believe I have a lavender sensitivity/allergy that played a role in all this. (My ND did say that a lavender sensitivity is fairly common & doesn't use it in her practice.) Two weeks ago, I started using Tom's of Maine wild lavender deodorant after having used the unscented with no problem (except I did uhhhh...smell a little bit, hence the lavender version). I also applied it 2-3 times a day because you do sweat with deoderant only. I didn't connect it at first, but within hours, my knees were hurting. I thought I was getting a virus. Next day was Sat, I felt really lousy/nauseous & stayed in bed. Following day, still felt lousy with some GI issues, nausea, insomnia, joint pain (knees, ankles, one time wrists). Same the next day. By day 6, I connected starting to use the deodorant with my symptoms & stopped using it thinking I'd feel better. The symptoms continued, and I added vomiting the morning of the next Sat & stayed in bed again. Also had occasional lower back pain. I had also found out last week I had strep in my gut via a test my ND ran. Yesterday, I Googled it & lavender kills strep. SOOOOOO...I think that by using that lavender deodorant, to which I am sensitive, set off a reaction in my body. It likely set off an allergic reaction in my body, and it probably killed some of the strep. When I talked to her yesterday, my ND thought the joint pain sounded like the high aluminum I have in my moving around & such. So the strep thing makes even more sense with that thought because apparently bacteria can hold onto aluminum...if I killed it, then it let it go. So, I believe I was "herxing" big time. I was also researching Lyme/lavender & posted on the Lyme forum thinking that might've been the issue. (I am going to do testing to find out if that is an issue tho' since it could be there too.) I'm also on digestive enzymes because thanks to the %@^$&!# PANDAS stress, my digestive system is shot (my adrenals are burnt out too & I start something for that next week that's supposed to calm me down--fingers crossed!). I've read that the digestive enzymes can cause some of the symptoms I had, but I'd taken them for 3 weeks without any issues...that's why I believe it was more due to the lavender when it started. Since some symptoms are lingering, those may be due to the enzymes now. We are going to start working on getting rid of the aluminum too. That should be loads of fun since I've already accidentally experienced a bit of it. The aluminum is why I switched to the Tom's deodorant in the first place. ::sigh::


So, there ya have it. Lavender kills strep. Watch using lavender lotion, oils, candles, diffusers, etc.... And if you are using them, consider if they're causing any reactions in your PANDAS kids (or yourself since lavender sensitivies are common). I actually don't really like lavender anyway but that deodorant smelled good to me...shoulda done the Honeysuckle Rose. But maybe this info will help someone else. I sure learned something! And as far as the strep in my gut, if we get my digestive system working that should take care of it. To my knowledge it wouldn't be affecting my PANDAS son...and I might've just killed it all anyway. Whew.

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It would likely be affected by the quality if the lavender. The Tom's has natural fragrance/essential oils. I was also putting it essentially into my lymph system by using the deodorant. I do remember when my son was small & I used lavender wash & lotion that there were a few occasions where I sudenly became ill while putting him to bed after his bath. I believe I have a true sensitivity/allergy to lavender too that may also factor into my reactions to it. I did feel just horrible these past 2 weeks. So far today, I'm okay. Was okay yesterday until the evening tho'. Am hoping I'm in the clear today.

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