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Natural Calm - symptoms possibly worse?

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Hi Everyone,


I am wondering if anyone has had some experience with Natural Calm making tics worse? I am not positive but when I remove the natural calm (meaning my ds6 wont take it that day) the tics seem better? Also, our Kirkman Spectrum came today and he is taking that one just fine. We are hoping it helps :-)


Thank you

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I remember asking the same question! And I still wonder whether there was a little herxing going on with the mg at the start, since one of its benefits is aiding the phenol sulfotransferase system. Maybe helping flush out some toxins that have been built up?


I would keep trying it for a little while longer and keep a watchful eye on things. It is one of our absolute mainstay supplements.


And please keep us informed regarding the Spectrum Complete. Did you the Spectrum Complete II version? They seem very quickly to have modified the multi. It no longer has the glucosamine sulfate (another ingredient which helps with the pst system). So that's something that will be on our radar. Maybe we'll start suplementing the glucosamine sulfate separately now.


Good luck!




I forgot to metnion: I'm pretty sure all Natural Calm is all natural, but make sure you don't have a version with artificials or additives. I think one version has calcium and vit. c mixed in, too. Too much calcium can counter the affects of the mg. Might be best at the beginning to go with the pure mg supplement.

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Thanks, we are using the unflavored version of natural calm. His tics had gotten better with diet alone, so when they got worse it scared us a little. Also the spectrum complete is a flavored trial container. I did not purchase directly from Kirkman as they were out of stock so I unfortunately do not know what version I have, though it does not say Spectrum complete II..just spectrum complete. It has an expiration of 2/2012. DS really likes the flavor of it and we are giving him one tsp a day. Thank you :-)

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