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help with extreme waxing

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It's been a while since i wrote in. We've had a few good months after deleting gluten again from DD's diet, and incorporating magnesium and B6/B12.

As some of you may remember, we've been exploring the structutal/TMJ/neck problems connection, and to our detriment, i thought that now that things are so calm, we'll try the Alexander Technique, that deals with good posture, putting less tension on the muscles, etc'.


so DD had one lesson on Wednesday, and started waxing a couple of hours later, and it's been getting worse and worse, until today she even started with some mild hummnig, which she didnt have ever since her tics broke out three years ago (after a few months of very intense facial tics, body tics, and some mild vocals, she was left with the facial tics only).


This may confirm our suspicion that her neck troubles are related to the tics, but it doesn't help us now. Anyone has an idea? increased vitamins?


To complicate things, and just to make sure we are never contemplating one variable only, DD is also 10.5, and just started developing, so it may be the hormones paying here as well.


any advice is appreciated.

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my son used to have neck pain that would trigger his neck tic. he got cranialsacral therapy from his ND & it has helped w/the neck pain & the tic.


as for my daughter, on occassion, she get neck & back pain and it would cause her to neck & back stretch. she is currently seeing her ND for CST as well. for her it comes & goes, so i suspect she also has some form of transitant tic.


have u try inositol? it helps w/ tics & OCDs.



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