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Bromine/Chlorine and increase in tics?

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I have read about and also seen an increase in tics with my son when he swims in chlorine but has anyone seen an increase with bromine.


We just recently set up a very large pool and have been useing bromine to treat the water. My son has been ticcing like crazy.


Just wondering what others have observed with their children.


We are going on vacation next week and I know he willl want to swin in the pools etc. I guess I just have to let him go..... Robin

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I read Children with Starving Brains, over the weekend and it mentioned copper in pools and hot tubs. Since it has been mentioned many times here, it caught my attention. I don't know what chemicals contain copper, but it might be worth looking into.




Found the book to be really useful reading.

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Kim, Thanks for the information. I think i will order the book.


Chemar. When your son had a reaction was there anything you could give hime to help reduce tics or did you just have to wait it out?


I ordered some 'Natural" pool products today. They are enzymes etc. I hope they work. I Will let you all know. Robin

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Your swimming pool may be filled with clorine itself from the water that you used.

Our son clearly tics from clorine swimming pools and was ticing from long baths as well. I have also read alot of other parents noticing it. There is no test that I know of for clorine allergy but the parents all think that the children's body are absorbing the clorine thru the skin and not expelling it for a lack of natural body detoxers. Our children with this issue all seem to have been tested with toxic metal poisoning as well. Now what we did was get a water treatment unit for the house to eliminated clorine as well as other unwanted chemicals from our house water. As for follow up, every parent that I have discussed this issue all agree that an epsom salt bath in "clean" water helps the body detox the clorine picked up from a public, community, or friends pool. Once again, public water has clorine in it so if your pool water is not treated with a house water system then even your bromine treated pool may have colorine in it. I would check the clorine level in your pool and if that shows no level of clorine I would then check to see what type of sun tan lotion that you are using. Alot of them have unpleasent additives.

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yes, I agree with Andy on that. Regular Tap Water has LOADS od chlorine in it and just a shower or tub can deliver quite a chlorine punch. Either a whole house water purification system, or individual filters on faucets and shower heads makes a really big difference.


And again in agreement about the Epsom Salts tub in pure water asap after swimming to eliminate the chlorine effects.


Robin, my son's sensitivity to chlorine became so intense that he really just became afraid of swimming pools ....not only was he ticcing badly, but eventually he also got hives whenever he entered a chlorinated pool. It was enough to just put him right off!!

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Chemar, I did give my son a bath last night with epson salts. I will continue this for a couple of days.


The water we used was well water and not from a city system.

Anything in this that could cause the ticcing.


I am going to empty the pool and use the natural cleaners once they arrive.


Even my son noticed the increase last night after swimming.


Thanks for everything. Robin

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