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Just a quick update...

I restarted just the aug and kept her off the Azith. Had a REALLY good day today. Can things change so rapidly? She did complain of being very tired a couple of times today. That is unusual for her. I am still waiting for a phone call back from MD. How do u tell if it is a herx reaction or she just doesn't do well with Aith? Try another abx with the Aug?


Thoughts? Thanks.

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We've seen significant behavioral changes (good and bad) in both kids within 24 hrs of starting or stopping an abx.


You just have to trust your gut on this. If you're not sure it's lyme, and she's good on just augmentin, maybe enjoy the moment and stay watchful while you wait for the Igenex results.


Realize that many of our kids were "classic" Pandas who didn't end up better. I know the doctor in NJ recognizes lyme as a PITANDS trigger, but I'm not sure he's seen how closely it can mimic Pandas symptoms. But then again, the parents on the lyme forum have one bias and the parents on the Pandas forum have another. Take all of our input for whatever it's worth. From your other post, it does sound like the combo of the two abx was a herx and might be worth going back to, with some detox added (look into milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, some other recent posts give some other ideas).


If you feel your family needs a break, staying on just augmentin for a few weeks may help you all recharge. If she starts to slip, you can always add the zith back. Glad you have an upcoming appt with Dr J. after you get the lab results back. Hopefully things will be clearer in a few weeks

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