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I think my doctor lied about me and ocd

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I take zoloft. My doctor explained that this was because I came from an abusive home (both emotional and physical) and that I was depressed. I was just recently on the zoloft website and it said that zoloft under the age 15 is permitted to be used as an ocd medication....did my doctor lie to me? do i have ocd sooooo bad that she thought i will freak out? Do I have ocd? Here are somethings I do that bugs me. I get my feelings easily hurt, I feel like friends doesn't like me for no reason somtimes, im often irrtable, i always feel like if i get mad at my parents that something bad will happen to them (like die in a car crash) . Infact im doin that right now. Sometimes when im studying and i stop i asked my parents if i study enough. do i have ocd please someone tell me!!!!!!!

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Hi Mira~


It sounds like your doctor prescribed the Zoloft for the other symptoms you're experiencing - namely depression. That's a popular usage for that medication.


So, just because you were prescribed Zoloft, doesn't necessarily mean that you have OCD, too. The website is just stating that for people under age 15, it can help with that if it's one of the issues at hand. Lots of people take Zoloft who don't have OCD.


And if it's on your mind still, you could call your doctor or ask the next time you go for a visit: "I saw on the internet that Zoloft is used to treat OCD for people under 15. Was this one of the reasons you gave it to me? Do you think I have OCD?"


Then your doctor can explain why the Zoloft was prescribed. You can go straight to the source and see what she has to say about it. :)


Take care,



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