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New to the Board - In East TN, Son recently Diagnosed, where do I star


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Hi All!


I am new to the board, although I have lingered over the last couple of months. I took my 8-year-old son to the pediatrician today for his regular check-up and mentioned the concerns that we have been having that have increased in frequency and type over the past year of the tics that he displays. His past pediatrician back in WI said that he had a motor tic (this was almost 2 years ago) and at that time it was throat clearing. She indicated that this tic may go away and another one would probably replace it. Which that happened - next was the constant cough which went on constantly for about 4 or 5 months. He also started stiffening his body. Then in the past 6 months he's had a combination of all of these plus nose sniffing (loudly). It has gotten very disturbing (to me as his mom). I'm with him all day as we homeschool and I find it very hard to not ask him to stop or not want to punish him for this. When we went to the doctor today, he indicated that he felt that my son has Tourette's. He also said that he thought we should try some behavioral therapy. I don't know where to start and am basically looking for advice. We will NOT put him on medication! We live in Knoxville, TN and are hoping to find someone around here who we could take him to for treatment or other noninvasive ways to help him. If anyone is in East TN and can recommend someone or give me good direction, even if you aren't in East TN that would be much appreciated. What have you found that works for you? I realize everyone is different but just looking for the best place to start. Thank you very much!

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Hi Trinnie,

The best place to start in my opinion is a good, clean multi. No artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. Not always easy to find. We use one called Progressive children's multi/mineral chewable, others have had good results with Kirkman Spectrum complete, someone will correct me on the name if I'm wrong :)

Natural Calm Magnesium has also been beneficial for many on this forum.

The most overwhelming step is probably looking for food triggers. You could try an elimination diet looking at the more probable offenders like wheat/gluten, dairy, soy etc. first. Removing all artificials is generally helpful so no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, sweeteners etc. Look around at some other posts and you'll see unfortunately that the triggers can be as individual as our kids but it has been worth the work for most of us and is an ongoing process. Try removing chemical cleaners, scented products and go as natural as possible to eliminate as much environmental possibilities as possible.

It seems really overwhelming, I know, but it does get easier if you persevere.

Best of luck



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I think a very important step is getting good guideance from someone who recognizes that things like diet affect some kids' brain neurology, so finding a dr. who is willing to guide you through what kinds of tests there are to help you identify possible problems will be really helpful (especially considering that many drs. will simply diagnose and prescribe drugs without looking for underlying causes). Without good help, it's very overwhelming trying to piece together a plan of action. There are links above on this forum that can point you toward the kinds of tests (blood, allergy, urine, yeast, etc.) you might consider asking a dr. about.


Another common question that is asked when people first post on this forum is whether or not they are able to connect the onset or waxing of tics to any infections, like strep. Sometimes tics are related to this.


Good luck!



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