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So tired of viruses spreading around our house

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We have been sick for the second time this season and I can't seem to nip it in the bud fast enough. We all get nasty coughs, congestion, fevers, etc and I feel like I'm trying every natural remedy known to man to treat these viruses but they keep coming back. What do all of you do to stay healthy? We take Esberitox(an echinacea supplement) and Vitamin C. I treat the ilnesses with honey, vitamin C, lemon, mullein tea and other immune buiding teas. I also use a humidifier, use essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree and thieves, but we keep getting sick and staying sick.


Ds has a nasty cough right now due to severe congestion. I'm getting tired of listening to the snot machine across the table, LOL! I had to resort to OTC meds and even those don't help that much. Top all this off with allergy season and I feel like we're all miserable, all the time. Ds says he doesn't feel that bad, he's just tired of coughing. It's too bad he won't swallow pills yet or I'd try some other supplements. When will cold and flu season end????



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We've tried zinc but it upsets our stomachs so I have to keep the dose small. I'm just tired of listening to people snorting and coughing and sniffling and that includes myself!~


Hi Bonnie, we use an all natural cough/allergy syrup called NIN JIOM. It has amazing beneficial plants, a bit strong flavour but the base is raw honey. Works really well for our family especially our ds when his sniffing, throat clearing tic increases around cold and allergies. My kids ask for it now anytime they have a cold or sore throat etc.-even my three and five year olds!



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I am pretty good about cleaning out the humidifier and since we live in AZ, we need a bit of moisture in the air since our average humidity is less than 10%.

I really need to figure out how to boost his immune system and mine, too, LOL, since I am the one who starts all these problems!

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