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So I had probably one of my best weeks last week. I started back to running a bit (used iTunes free trainer where I was trained to walk then run and continue those intervals to get me back slowly). It was even my on weeks for Tindamax (LLMD has me pulse it 1 wk on, 1 wk off). But, on day #6 of Tindamax I felt terrible. This is the 2nd cycle of Tindamax that this has happened. The 1st few cycles I dealt w/ a queasy stomach, vomitting, fatigue and pain in back left leg during the week. But the last 2 have been much better except for that 6th day when I get major neck and back pain and pain in back of legs. In order to combat it, I've gone for massages on day #7. At least there's a pattern and some relief. But now today, (day #1 of off wk of Tindamax), I feel urinary tract issues. It feels like the beginning of a UTI. I'm on Ceftin, Doxy and just finished a week of Tindamax so it seems that a bacterial infection would be impossible. Could it be a viral UTI??? Herxing??? I had a bottle of AZO, those cranberry pills and I took them just now. The only other thing I changed this week is that I added green smoothies into my diet--Kale mixed w/ Mango and water. Could that mess up the pH of my body and cause this? Any advice is greatly appreciated. :D

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Doxy alone will do a number in us women. Is it UTI or fungal? Do you have low grade fever,Frequency/urgency with burning including droplets or is it increased discharge, itchiness and a fungal issue. If UTI per se then its usually bacterial. A quick urine culture test should solve that. Its better to ID the bacteria.

Green smoothies are fine. No relation.


If just frequency/urgency with no burning urination or fever then its a herx.

Rx is stop meds a couple days and detox, pure coconut water is a big help to flush out stuff. I also had rib swelling and inflammation on the right side- excrutiatingly painful. Went off meds for a week, detoxed and am better now.


If typical yeast with itching and discharge its a fungal issue- Rx is ADP tablets from Biotics research is what I use daily when Im on ABX for my Lyme.For immediate relief i would ask for Diflucan. One tablet jump started me and then I maintained myself on ADP and high dose probiotics.

Homeopathic remedy called Cantharis helps immensely. Use a 200c or 200x potency 5-7 pills 4-5 times a day on empty stomach and no food or water for 30 mins after.

Ive used all above with 100% success with DS and myself.



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I tried a green smoothie too last week and I herx'd so badly from it almost immediately and for about 36 hours after. I had to throw the extra out. I think its something I'll revisit when I'm further along with Lyme treatment. I believe the concept is right 'lowering' acidic PH but happened to quickly with the smoothie. You can achieve the same 'lowering' acidic PH over time by the use of regular bentonite clay (takes about two years to normalize PHs to healthy range). We've been tracking PHs since last year with our nutritionist. We have been targeting urine to be between 5.75 and 6.3... saliva 6.8 and 7.0. Midgut PH of a TIC is 6.8 so optimum environment for bacteria to live. I did read somewhere that the bacteria has problems binding to proteins in the body at PHs of 6.5 or less. So, again theory seems to be correct and probably why some don't have a problem with having the bacteria or are 'positive' with no symptoms.


When we run PH we typically do two weeks at a time every 6 months. First morning saliva and early evening urine. I've attached a great place to order PH strips.



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