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Test Results and Our New Plan


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We just got the Genova CDSA results and a number of blood test results back today and I want to thank everyone on this forum. I kept reading about mycoplasma p and we continue to struggle with PANDAS/PITAND symptoms so we had ds12 tested. Well, it turned out positive. Out of normal results were as follows:


• Mycoplasma p IgG level: While in the indeterminate range, we are going to treat as an ongoing infection

• Citrobacter amalonaticus: +4

• Klebsiella oxytoca: +4


We are going to treat for all 3 with doxycycline at 100 mg once a day for about 3 months. Any thoughts on this abx or dosage? He is 12 and approx 68 pounds. :unsure:


• Lactobacillus: no growth (this was surprising since we have been giving him probiotics with lactobacillus - Custom Probiotics and Culturella). Trying a different probiotic to see if we can get lactobacillus back in his gut.


• Celiac testing: Immunoglobulin A was very low (40 on a normal range of 58-358) and may indicate possible gluten issues. Other celiac measures were fine, so may be more related to a taxed immune system.

• Vitamin B12 and folate: out of balance

• Vitamin D: very low (22 on a normal range of 32 to 100)

• Ferritin (indicative of iron stores): low


We were very concerned about candida, but he tested fine for yeast. :D


Tomorrow, we will start our new plan - doxycycline, a new probiotic, B complex, liquid B12 with folate, multi vitamin with iron and high dose liquid Vitamin D. Wonder what will happen ... :wacko:


Any feedback on treating myco p with doxycycline (dose, length of time, reactions), would be appreciated. Thanks!

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