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Seroquel, and she is worse

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Yes, it made my father extremely violent, and the doctor pulled him off, after I figured out that it was probably the Seroquel he had just been given in the hospital that was causing it (I have suspected for several years that my father may have had PANDAS all these years, but now he's being treated for Parkinson's)


Read Dr. Tanya Murphy's article about SSRI's in PANDAS kids (can made them worse), and even though Seroquel is not an SSRI, I have personally seen where other psychotropic meds made my DS massively violent (he swung a metal pipe at my head in a split second while on Adderol.)

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Mu daughter had an extreme, adverse effect when given a low dose of Klonopin to calm her down and allow her to get some sleep. So much so that she looked like she was in a psychosis for about 24 hours. The doctor then talked me into a low does of Seroquel for the sedative effect, but it did not sedate her at all and in fact made her sleep even worse. At that point I told the doctor she would not be trying any other psychotropic meds.


I have a friend who has bipolar disorder who told me that the lowest does of Seroquel makes her so sleepy she cannot even function. I guess these kids just have a very different reaction to these types of drugs.

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I am not sure what to do. Ugh! She looks pretty good during the day when on the Vancomycen, but her OCD is still severe at night- keeps her up until after midnight. Not sure how to get her to sleep without psych drugs. melatonin is useless.

What kind of OCD is she having at night? My daughter has one on and off where she has to place items in certain places and then just as she starts to doze, jumps up to rearrange or place them differently. So, I will just gather them all up and put them somewhere out of reach. She has a meltdown and then goes to sleep. The obsessive thoughts interfering with sleep are the things that are hard to deal with.

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Also, try 5-HTP. Dr. K. told us to do that, and one of my kids uses 4 at night, and the other 3. You have to play with the dosages. Also, one of my guys also sometimes drinks a cup of warm milk (which is still seratonin like 5-HTP is. It helps him a lot.


The question is...what's keeping her up? Is it racing thoughts, OCD, or what? I know that when mine or in flareup mode, sleep is much harder, but the above do help.


Oh...I just also thought about using epsom salt baths before bed. It might help, too.

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