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Haemophilus influenzae Type B IgG

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The secretary at our pediatrician's office graciously read me the results of some of my dd8's tests that were ordered by Dr. B. (I'm going to pick up print outs later today.)

One she said was "high" was the Haemophilus influenzae Type B IgG. Her results was 3.06.


I tried to research on line but am confused. It sounds like it measures the response to HIB vaccine and that a low response indicates poosible immuno deficiency. It doesn't really say anything about a "high" response.


Can anyone shed any light.?


Also, for the ASO she read me 2 numbers. We've never gotten two numbers before. She said the O titer was 64 and the B titer was 252. She gave me a separate results for Anti DNAse (265 - normal). Does anyone have any idea why there are two ASO numbers and what they mean?


Dr. B's nurses said he would discuss the results with us when we see him again at the end of the month, but I really can't wait that long to get some sort of understanding.






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Haemophilus influenzae is one of the pneumococcal antigens. It is a bacterium. It causes severe upper respiratory infection. If there are antibodies, then a person has "protection" against this organism.


The confusion is in "how much is too much" with some believing that too many antibodies are a problem. I have always been told "No."



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I just looked back in her file and found my note quesitonning it. However, I didn't write anything next to my question. I found another paper where I had notes from Dr. B. It looks like he told me the lab ran the wrong test...

So I don't have any more info. Sorry!



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