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I've read over the helpful threads and I'm very thankful that Dr. Latimer is not too far. But I was wondering if anyone has seen anyone, maybe a pediatrician that we may be able to get into see sooner in our area. We really need to rule out pandas. Thanks so much for all the help on this forum.

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We are also in Northern Virginia and new to PANDAS (last fall). We have been seeing Dr. Latimer, who it seems is THE person to see around here. I haven't really found anyone else but have tried. Dr. Latimer has been wonderful for us but is very hard to get into see. Make the appointment. You can always cancel later.


Our pediatric office, which we are new to, has a physicians assistant that we see who is familiar with PANDAS. She had a couple of cases in her old practice. She has been very supportive and has given us all the antibiotics we've wanted. I'm not sure she would be comfortable with diagnosis though. That is the tricky part of all of this I think.


We are thinking my son has PANDAS now also, but not the obvious symptoms or the same symptoms as my daughter. Dr. Latimer has had us also put him on the antibiotics through the end of the school year to see if it helps. I'd be happy to talk with you over the phone or by e-mail if you want more information.

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