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2 year old has strep

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Hi all,

my 2 yo got sick over the weekend, brief fever, coughing, runny nose, hooded eyes. I would not have thought strep except... I could smell it on his breath.

Finally took him to the ER this morning and sure enough, even I believed I was overreacting but...I was right.


So now he's on antibiotics and I can only hope this is not the start of PANDAS for him.


But the strange this is, my PANDAS kid has been behaving like an angel since his brother started feeling sick. He is calm, polite, considerate, a pleasure to be around. This is literally the best I have ever seen him. I remember noticing this before, when all this started... his behavior was always the best when he was actually sick. It's like... when the antibodies have an actual illness to attack, they leave his brain alone.


I am bracing myself for the coming weeks, though...

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Very interesting observation Bronxmom2.....I had similar thoughts myself pre-pandas diagnosis, and mine was hardly ever sick, so it really stuck out in my mind. Then I remember feeling evil I wanted my child to be sick so I could have some normalcy!


I have no idea if there is any truth to it, but I remember having the same thoughts...those darn antibodies actually have something to "work on" now, probably nothing to it, but seems like that is what is happening.

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First, I'm sorry your 2 yr old is sick. Has you PANDAS child been exposed to strep before without having an infection himself? As for the 2 year old, what antibiotic was he given? Make sure to go for a follow up strep test 3 weeks after finishing all meds and I would suggest taking everyone else in for a strep test as well.

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