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I need 2 do the IgeneX test. Has anyone ever gone to Lab Corp. or to a Quest lab to have it drawn? I have never heard of Quest lab, but saw it mentioned on the board. Can someone please suggest a place to have this done. I would prefer not to drive 4 hours to have it done, if possible. Thanks


Lab Corp does it for us. You have to have a doctor sign the request for Igenex to process it. We used our chiropractor since I didn't have a local MD here who would sign at the time. Lab Corp did the draw and spun the blood, I put everything into the fedex package and mailed it off. It was stressful the first time, making sure you did everything right, but it was not actually that hard.



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I'm not sure LabCorp everywhere will do this for you. Some places will only draw if they are doing the test for you. It's a matter of what you can find. Quest is just another big lab, nationwide I imagine, like LabCorp, and is another possibility. I had mine drawn by Granite Diagnostic Labs, which upon checking, is just local to my area. Their business is to do blood draws for $15 and ship the blood off to Quest or whoever, so that is where I went. Of course, some doctor's offices can do this.


When I got the Cunningham "PANDAS" test, I went to an outpatient treatment center that I had gone to once that seemed really nice. Of course, this Cunningham test was a "study", and maybe that is part of why they were so willing to help, and do it for free. In any event, there is another idea you could check out.


Now that you ask, I am a bit curious how others have gotten this done, because I feel like I kind of lucked into it for me.

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Check and see if you have a place called .... Any Lab Test Now.... we have had quite a few draws done there. If there is one in your area they charge a small amount to draw the sample and they will package it up and send it off for you. We have had good experience with them.

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