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Pale & lethargic


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We saw Dr. B. on Monday. Prior to seeing him ds had been in flare up on abx that weren't helping. I put him on motrin after several days of being lethargic, pale and increase in tics.

On Monday we stopped motrin and added the following:

Cefdinir 300mg (Omnicef)


Prednisone 15 day taper, currently at 30mg

Intuniv 2mg (he has been on this for about 5 months)

Mucinex (blue box)

Saline nasal spray


Again he is lethargic, falling asleep during the day, pale, had a slight fever on Thursday, tics have returned and just really mush.

Would his meds do this? I've heard prednisone can do weird things w/ PANDAS could this be due to that?

I can't imagine how he is going to do at school on Monday because he is just not all there.

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Did you check for Lyme and co-infections yet? It very possible that your son has a chronic infection and you experienced a negative reaction to antibiotics because of a Herxheimer response. Additionally, the steroid taper 'could' suppress the immune response giving an underlying chronic infection a leg up and could be worse 'sick' as a result steroid use. I have first had experience with seizures as the results of steroids use. At the time I was pregnant, was given steroids for full body rash over a two week period of time, did not realize I had several chronic infections..... seizures were my bodies response.


I have three children with congenital Lyme and one that was originally thought to have PANDAS inclusive of sudden on-set after strep related illness. When we dug further we found much more than just strep for our family.




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Sounds like my older PANDAS son when he was in second grade. He was pale, lethargic, tired, etc. for about 3-4 months. He was also on antibiotics at this time....and, his tics were more prevelant. Turns out he had EBV (epstein barr virus.....almost everyone gets this at some point).....in teens it causes mono...but, in younger kids the symptoms are milder and easily missed unless you get a blood test for it. This phase lasted about 4 months and faded as the virus went dormant. This is just my experience with something similiar that you are dealing with. How old is your child?



BTW......My son does not have Lyme or any co-infections. (neither of my PANDAS kids do)

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