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I got a 96 from blood taken on Feb 22. 100 or 150 supposed to be a sign of ability to stop without relapse. I am still experiencing symptoms, much milder than initially, symptom-wise have certainly come a long way. Doc says, when I am ready, to go ahead and start taking a couple days off of the abx per week as part of slowly getting off abx. Plan to retest CD57 two weeks after last test and go from there. Besides symptoms, I can tell from energy testing, the abx are just rating as so-so/marginal things to take, and my need for probiotics is WAY down, indicating less killing going on. I am still on a few detox items, a few nutritionals, and the Byron White herbal formulas, where are very good for me these days. Hearing more about the Byron White formulas these days and feel like they may be "the real deal". Of course, I didn't take them early on at my worst, so they didn't face the toughest competition here.


Below is a history of my CD57 results.


03-15-2010: 30

04-25-2010: started lyme abx treatment with IV+orals (somewhere near this date)

06-25-2010: stopped lyme abx treatment (somewhere near this date)

06-29-2010: 54 (felt about halfway better)

07-22-2010: 70

08-23-2010: 27 (slowly went up without abx, and was feeling better and better, until started slowly feeling worse, this test confirmed it)

10-21-2010: started oral abx treatment (took a while because tried to get IV approved by insurance, couldn't do it)

12-28-2010: 32 (felt a lot better, but still surprised way low)

02-22-2011: 96 (they do say it really pops up toward the end of treatment


Getting there!

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Wow! This is really amazing! You have done so well. I am so happy you are feeling so much better! I didn't realize you had come so far. My cd57 is 30 too so that makes me happy too to hope that I do so well and this time next year I may be thinking of coming off the abx!


I've been looking at the byron white products too and they seem really good. I'm on too much right now and waiting to see what my new LLMD will want me on next week but I imagine I will try them sooner or later.



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