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Am I being overreactive?

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My son, William, has been complaining of a sore throat for 5 or so days now (no one else in the house is sick or complaining). It doesn't look super red to me and he does have a bit of a stuffy nose - but I just have mom training, not doctor training). I am trying to decide if I should run him by the peds or not. After he started complaining, we received a letter home from the school last week regarding the multiple cases of confirmed strep in his school. He is on antibiotics but I still worrying....


What would you do? Go to the peds, pay the $10 co-pay and feel stupid if they say it's a cold? Or wait it out and hope, hope, hope that it isn't strep?


No one in my circle of real life friends understands my fear of strep (but then again, they didn't live with my son prior to his IVIG and see how totally miserable he was....He is not 100% by any means, but he is much better. I'm scared to lose that...)


Thanks for your thoughts/input!



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Even if he doesn't have strep, he could begin to react to the exposure. To be safe, why not go get it checked since so many of our kids are asymptomatic. And be sure to get the culture. The sooner you know, the sooner you can get him on abx if it's strep (if he's not on them already). Fear of strep...WE totally get it & have it. :blink:

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Given the strep at school and the sore throat, I would definitely get a throat culture, b/c you can get strep while on antibiotics, especially with certain types of antibitotics and if it is at a lower dose.

Do you know about making sure they grow the culture out for a full 72 hours?

What antibiotic and what dose is he taking?


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