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Gorrilla like walk/stance

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Since first recognizing son's tics 4 years ago, we have been through so many different ones. The latest was a foot shuffle. This past weekend (5 days ago)though that subsided and now he will be walking upright and all of a sudden have a gorrilla like walk/stance. It is like he is severely bow-legged. My friend who also has an autistic son said jokingly "he looks like he has a bad case of jock-itch". We have noticed his whole body seems out of whack. His writing has also been more sloppy than usual. Plus, he has been bed-wetting for the past 5 nights.

He currently takes these supplements:

325 mg. Natural Calm

2.5 g. IP-6

5000 i.u. vit D3

100 mg. L-Theanine (morning)

500 mg. GABA (nights occasionally as I'm not always home to put him in bed)

also when tics are really bad will do magnesium in bath. However have not noticed much difference with it.


Going to put call into DAN but wondering if any of you have any suggestions as it may be a day or two before I hear back from her.



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I've never seen that tic before but wanted to just send you a cyberhug!!! ((mom2ck)) I am so tired of watching my own son tic, he hasn't had a tic free day since they started 3 years ago. Granted most of his tics are minor, eye blinking, eyebrow raising, shoulder shrugging, mouth grimaces, head turning, mouth grimaces, etc but there are so many other issues that we have that I know get tied into it all and I can't find a good doctor for the life of me out here. We've had bedwetting issues, sleep problems, tics, environmental allergies, anxiety, stress issues, and in the past we had some OCD type anxiety. It just drags me down and I wonder how on earth we're going to get through these upcoming teen years.


It sounds like you have a good plan for him. I hope the DAN doc has some answers for you! Please feel free to come back on and share!



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