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Treating carrier with homeopathy

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I am the mother of two PANDAS kids who have responded well to treatment with a homeopathic strep remedy. I'm starting to wonder if I might be a strep carrier, and be causing issues for my kids. Yesterday, I took a dose of homeopathic strep remedy (1M), and had what I think was a healing reaction (two hours of irritability/rage). Can I assume from this that I am a carrier? Should I continue taking the strep remedy on some regular intervals?





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The only way to determine if you're a carrier is by testing. Have you gotten tested for strep recently? You say you had irritability/rage after taking the remedy. Have you ever taken it before, have you ever had PANDAS PITAND like reactions to illness before? I don't know if homeopathic remedies would be strong enough for a carrier either. I would say if you suspect you're a carrier or if you suspect you have strep, to get tested. You can continue taking the remedy for now as some sort of protection or beginning of erradicating a possible infection.

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