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Poll for PANDAS/PITAND Awareness Ribbon items

PANDAS/PITAND Awareness Ribbon items   

19 members have voted

  1. 1. What item are you most interested in ordering with the PANDAS/PITAND Awareness Ribbon on it?

    • Button
    • Hat
    • Magnet
    • Mugs
    • Sticker
    • T-shirt
  2. 2. If t-shirt, male or female and adult or child?

    • Male
    • Female
    • Adult
    • Child
  3. 3. How many? If different items, choose highest number and comment please.

    • One - Two
    • Three - Five
    • Six - Twelve
    • Twelve - 24 - please note amount in comments
    • 24 - 36 - please note amount in comments
    • 36-100 - please note amount in comments
    • Over 100 - please note amount in comments

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I was working on this post before dd11 had that episode earlier today.


As most of you know, I have been looking into getting the PANDAS/PITAND Awareness Ribbon printed on t-shirts, magnets, buttons, etc. through CafePress in order to raise funds to support Dr. Madeline Cunningham's research.


In looking into it, I see that if we do bulk ordering, we can get discounts. So... I'm taking a poll... if you are seriously interested in having one of these (I'll probably have to collect the funds since I just ordered the silly bands and our cash flow is tight due to dd11's treatment these days), please comment on the poll on this thread. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Thanks!

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haven't read other posts...

like button, mags...can keep a few in my car or bag to hand out for those remotely interested..

i assume less costly if lost..or if want more just to spread the word and awareness...and as i push onto to someone...if they chuck it...its only a few$..not 10 or more as i suspect


and i am not one to wear logos of anykind..but i would personally as i have a vested interest..and i don't know that others would wear it...but i think the smaller stuff is a better starting place if you are asking for opinions

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the feedback... bumping for others who may be interested in participating. :)


I went to the article where you originally posted the PANDAS ribbon and the picture is no longer there? Is there anyway you can put it on here again? I would like to use it as my background for my computer and my cell phone. I would appreciate it...

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Thanks for asking... it's down at the moment because I am re-designing it. I am changing the font of the lettering to a purple for Autoimmune Awareness - which is purple and extending it to look more "ribbon-like" and so the edges at the top are not so harsh... which requires a re-work of the hands as well.


Things have been rather rough here recently and I've been unable to focus on it. I will try to get back to that and get the orders completed, etc very soon... depends honestly though, on how my daughter is doing and how overwhelming our lives are here... I'm sure you know that all too well. Please be patient with me... I hope to get it done very soon! :)


Please feel free to go to my blog (linked below) and subscribe to follow for updates (I will post there once I complete the re-design) or use the Contact Us form to reach me (I've not had time to be on here much lately and don't receive notifications of inbox messages here - just popped in to check on some labs we got - so, better to contact me from the blog or on Facebook) for any information about the ribbon or using it in various ways.


I really appreciate your interest in the ribbon and helping to raise awareness & funds for research!

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